June 12, 2012

June Body Condition Photo

It's time for a body condition photo.

He's standing on a slight hill here, with his head cocked toward the camera, but I'm positioned to where you should be able to get your best view of his condition out of all the monthly body condition photos I've taken.

Overall, I'm so happy with how he looks right now.  He's been on two flakes of hay per day on a drylot for the past month, and this is what happens.  Have I mentioned recently that I love the Welsh Cob breed, and you should too?  Cheapest grocery and farrier bills ever.

I'd like to see more development of the driving muscles from the hind end, and of course the topline is in perpetual development, but both look better than they have in the past.  As we start jumping more and doing more work on the hills in the fields, his hind end muscles will develop.  He's also hanging on to that overdeveloped muscle on the underside of his neck, which I hope will disappear with time and good riding.

Looking at this, I'm wondering if he's hit 14hh.  Hmmm...


  1. Looking forward to meeting you both at HHP - handsome guy!

  2. Jen he is looking great.
    Comrade has that same muscle on the underside of his neck. Went through that with DaVinci too. It is a pain.
    I second the cheap comment though my Dad is not convinced.

  3. Kelly, I am also really looking forward to finally meeting you! It should be a fun weekend all the way around.

    Nicole, thanks! It's a Cob thing, the upright neck conformation and all. We are going to work it out of him,though. :)

    Just tell your dad to be thankful you didn't buy a Thoroughbred.