November 21, 2012


Two of the blogs I follow have posted this today, and it seems like a good thing to do while I'm waiting on some servers to finish running updates here at work, so I'll bite!  Special shoutout to Hilary for saying the Welsh Cob reminds her of this blog and Karley for saying she wants one. :-)  Mission accomplished!

Splurge or save: 

1) saddle: save by buying good quality used after someone else splurged for me, thanks guys!
2) board: save on the price but splurge on the facilities
3) halter: leather is always a splurge!
4) bit:  save by buying used from Aimee
5) bridle:  save, currently
6) saddle pad: saaaave!
7) trailer: sadly not a truck or trailer owner

First thing that comes to mind: 

1) Haflinger: Shyloh!
2) Quarter Horse: Little Red, my mom's horse
3) Thoroughbred: Willowbrook Farm, where I used to work
4) Warmblood: Bannockburn Farm
5) Welsh Cob: Castleberry Cobs

This or That:

1) english or western: English
2) tall or short: I like my ponies short and my men tall (Nick is 6'4 to my 5'0)
3) trail ride or beach ride: Trail ride, can't say I've had the chance to try a beach ride here in Indiana.
4) long mane or short mane: Short
5) hunters or jumpers: Jumpers!  Hunters and I had a falling out.
6) XC or barrel racing: XC
7) outdoor arena or indoor arena: Outdoor
8) trot or canter: Until Connor's canter gets better, trot.
9) canter or gallop: Canter - I'm a chicken.
10) paddock boots, tall boots, or cowboy boots: Paddock boots
11) horse shoes or barefoot: Barefoot
12) saddle or bareback: Saddle, though I am finally enjoying riding bareback recently.

About you: 
1) How long have you been riding? Seriously for about 6 years, weekly lessons with my current trainer for 2 years, and off and on since I was 5.
2) Do you own or lease a horse? Own
3) Breed? Age? Height? Name? (if you don’t own or lease, you could talk about your lesson horse) Welsh Cob, 6, 14hh, Castleberry's Contender (Connor)
4) Do you have any other pets? Yes, one Siberian Husky/Malamute mix named Tucker and one Siberian Husky/???? mix name Bitsy

5) If your horse was a person, what kind of voice would they have (you can use a celebrity for an example) My brain cannot even remotely come up with an answer to this question!  I just don't think in terms of Connor speaking in English.
6) Does your horse have a “color”? If so, what is it, and what do you have in that color? Of course, we're eventers!  His color is hunter green, mainly because my $50 eBay XC vest was hunter green and I just went with it.
7) Does your horse do any tricks? Does "airs above the ground" if you walk up to him too quickly count?  Then, no!
8) Have you ever dressed your horse up for Halloween?  Nope.

1) Breed? Welsh Cob, of course!
2) Discipline? Eventing
3) Coat color? It's been chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail ever since I was 6 and got the Sundown Breyer, but now I have a reason to be even more biased.

4) Famous horse? Secretariet, thanks to my mom.
5) Horse race/competition? Kentucky Derby, also thanks to my mom.
6) Brand of tack? Micklem.  I'm so proud of Bill Micklem for using technology to buck tradition.
7) Thing to do with your horse?  Trail riding the challenging terrain in Brown County, so far.


  1. YOU HAD SUNDOWN??? I sooooo wanted him as a kid. Jealous!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout!! I think I am going to be doing this too!

  3. Love reading these to find out more about everyone :)