November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

It was one year ago this month that I was patiently waiting for my schedule to align with Connor’s breeder’s so that I could take delivery on the pony I had agreed to take in the end of October.  It was a long month of near-constant blogging, surfing SmartPak and hanging out on the CoTH forums in an attempt to keep a lid on my bubbling excitement.  One of the blogs I wrote during that time, just a few days before I got Connor, was my “Giving Thanks” blog.  Re-reading it today, I am still thankful for all of those things, but I also have so much more to be thankful for this year.

Tucker and I visiting Connor at his breeder's after Thanksgiving last year.

First, I am thankful for the year of good health and soundness Connor has had this year.

I am thankful in a much more tangible way this year for my trainer, because without her, I would never have learned about connection, about the way a horse should be traveling, or how to make Connor turn left.

I am thankful that I still haven’t come off of this pony!  (Despite some very close calls over fences…)

I am thankful for the amazing group of bloggers that I’ve gotten to know in the past year: all of the supportive comments, and the ability to get to you know you and your horses in such an intimate way through your blogs are both really cool.

I am thankful for my gorgeous, drama-free barn, and knowing that even though I live too far away to be there daily, he’s getting the same level of care with our staff as he would with me.  Knowing that this is the only eventing barn close enough to my house for me to be at, I'm even more thankful that it's so awesome. 


Finally, just like last year, I am thankful to the people who helped me make owning Connor work years before I should have become a horse owner: his breeder, my trainer, my husband.  Sometimes, I look at my little equine soul mate and realize that the complex chain of events that made it possible for me to own him should not have happened.  I don’t take a single second with him for granted, with all of that in the back of my mind.  I love him so much.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!


  1. Wow, how quick a year goes. This month marks two years since we went and picked up Rosemary.
    They give so much and sometimes more than we could ever expect. Good horses and good friends, always something to be thankful for. Hope you had a great turkey day.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Connor! Congrats on all the progress you've made this year - hope the coming year is just as much fun!

  3. I am thankful we got to meet this year and look forward to seeing you and Connor next year!

    Be proud of all the progress made - you and Connor are not just horse and owner now, but a real team.