January 6, 2013

On-Call and Riding

I'm on-call this week, and I was in the middle of a really fun and productive bareback ride on Connor after finishing chores when my paging app went off on my phone.  It was a sheriff's deputy, locked out of his account.  I could have driven over to my trainer's to get on her WiFi and done it from the laptop in my car, but instead I fired up a VPN connection over 4G from my smartphone, logged on to a generic VMware View virtual desktop, used a Remote Desktop session to access my work desktop PC 45 miles away, reset the password and notified the user...all without leaving Connor's back.

I work with it daily, and technology still amazes me.  The quality of cell signal that made it possible to do that wasn't even implemented in our area six months ago.  Without it, I would have had to cut my ride short.  With it, I got some fun and relaxed bareback canter work done.

When I was double majoring in IT and Equine Studies in college, girls would jokingly ask me if I intended to marry those two interests by riding around with a laptop suspended in front of me.  I never thought they'd eventually be right!


  1. lol that's brilliant, I was one of the early generation of software engineers, none of us foresaw where the industry would go even though we were working on the early implementations of digital mobile telephony (it was called GSM back in those days!)

  2. That is so cool that you could do that while riding, they've just bought 4G in in the UK but to get it you have to buy all new phones, new contacts etc!