When I asked my trainer about taking Connor to some early season shows before our first event, I had no idea that the early season would come so...early.

"That's funny you bring that up, I was just checking a date on my phone for you.  Would you be interested in showing Connor at a schooling show in Cincinnati on the 19th?  Just Dressage?"

Yes, that's January 19th, weather permitting - three months before I thought we'd start showing.  Thank goodness my trainer will make sure we are presentable.  How on earth do you turn out a woolly mammoth of a Welsh Cob out for a show in sub-freezing weather?  Is his clip show-ring acceptable?  Where are my white breeches, for goodness' sake?!

I am not a cold weather animal!
Those details don't matter as much as what we'll be doing, though.  My trainer doesn't like the way the canter is done in the Intro C test, so we'll be doing either Intro A or B and then a Training level test.  Wahoo!  My first show with a trainer - how much less stressful is that going to be?

Anyone want to join us?


  1. Good Luck hope it goes well I bet your really excited :)

  2. yay!!! hope for the best for you two!

  3. Wow.. that's short notice! But just dressage should be okay! Have fun and good luck!

  4. And I thought a Feb. show at CAF would be early season! Go for it - you both will be great!

  5. That will be fun! I am going to a schooling show the weekend before or I might have tried to convince my trainer we should go :) It is about a 2 hour drive though... Times like these are why I need a trailer!

  6. My trainer also isn't a big fan of the canter in Intro C. It's difficult to pick up and come back so quickly. I like Training 2 as it's very symmetrical which is nice. Good luck!

  7. I didn't think the February show at CAF offered dressage? Have fun at your show! I would assume that any show in January in this climate would have no problem with a partially clipped horse! Not sure if I'd break out my white breeches though!

  8. Haha, I just read through this. Yes. His clip is totally show ring acceptable (I'm not just being biased). Yes, wear your white breeches. Majestic is a (forgive the pun) majestic show ground. You'll want them.

    Dig up your flesh colored insulates, too. It's gonna be a chilly day!

  9. Just noticed that Austen stated the show is at Majestic - very fun! It is a lovely place to show.


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