January 29, 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

Nicole's post over at Equinpilot about repurposed household stuff used in a barn inspired me to post about my latest acquisition.

Back in the old days (or up until like 2009) Microsoft used to send IT departments software installers and patches via physical media every month, along with binders to organize the mountains of CDs this created. Now that Internet speeds are fast enough that CDs are obsolete, my boss gave me permission to throw out a decade's worth of CDs, but I had a plan for one of the now-useless binders...

Complete with dog hair.  Such is life as a Husky owner.

...to be a braiding kit.  I have never been one for braiding belts, and previously had all my braiding stuff in a clear tote, but I found that that didn't fit well into my tack trunk or show box.  This is a flexible fabric-covered binder, but the two sets of two rings and the vertical (horizontal, if hanging on a stall) pockets make it perfect for braiding.  I'm going to get a thin PVC pipe to go through the pencil holder shown and a chain with hook to go through that for attaching to the stall wall at shows.  My yarn ball even fits into it.

What are your favorite household (or office-hold, I guess) repurposes for the barn?

(Also, I may have more of these binders, if anyone is interested.)


  1. Ah, good one. I may have to look at my old binders when Roscoe is old enough for braiding:)

  2. Clever idea!
    It's strange though, pretty much everyone over here plaits with elastic bands. One advantage is that you don't need so much gear!

  3. I have these snap lid stackable cube, that snaps together, I have all my extras neatly stored in my trunk under the grooming pull out.