January 27, 2013

Tired or Not Interested

One of two things happened during my ride this afternoon:

1) Connor was tired from yesterday's conditioning hack.
2) Connor realized that going fast was fun yesterday and was not interested in playing in the sandbox today.

One way or another, I should have figured it out before we were careening around the indoor, giving the Suspicious Spooky Ear to the cavaletti set up in the middle, the saddle pad hanging by its girth keeper on the wall, the snow sliding off the roof, and the arena drag parked where he could see it through the window.  I had only planned for an easy 20 minute walk/trot ride, but he was not interested in walking or trotting, and was hard against my hands as he sped up faster through each gait if I gave him an inch, blowing through my half-halts.  His ears were pricked, but he didn't want to use himself and wanted to go around on his forehand.  After I got at least half of a 20m circle of good, controlled, connected work at each gait, I went back to the lateral exercises he knows so well at the walk for a few minutes before calling it a day - I needed a mental win.  He didn't seem sore and was moving well, which makes me think he was just tired.  He gets a couple days' rest now, hopefully that takes care of things.  I'll have to remember this as we start conditioning more.

Not a bad looking dude when his mane is all on one side....which is rare.


  1. My horse gets like that too... He loves the trails and the next day he won't be interested in ring work at all. Connor is so handsome. :)

  2. Thanks, guys! Marissa, it's good to know I'm not alone. Maybe he was just checked out.

  3. Sounds like classic evasion, one Comrade pulls on me. In fact, yesterday.
    Roscoe's and Rosemary's manes are always split, so I know what you mean :)

  4. Sounds strange... 'cos he's young, I suppose

  5. Classic Riva - I hope they both grow out of it. I hate to run on a treadmill, but love to run outside. I swear some horses are wired the same way.