March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Time

It is possible that my parents came to visit yesterday (they live four hours away) and I am magically a wee bit hungover today - both on the three cocktails I had last night, and a Daylight Savings Time-induced lack of sleep before I did stalls this morning.  But, I loved seeing my parents and made it through my normal Sunday chores before getting in a good ride on Connor in the 67 degree weather.  Happy spring.

Happy ponies in the warmth.

Look, one month of mane regrowth!  We're getting there.


  1. Oh DST... Glad you enjoyed time with family!

  2. We LOVED it also...and glad you had a good ride. Now I am ready to see you guys in a few shows this summer!

  3. So nice to leave the barn...and it still be light out! Now, if all this mud would just go away.