March 11, 2013

Tack Sale, and My House is Making Me Poor

Goodbye, ugly saddle.
I've been doing some spring cleaning lately and selling stuff I no longer use, horse stuff included.  I tend to not keep any spare equipment that I'm not using on-hand (it almost feels like blasphemy in the horse world saying that!) so I don't really have a lot to sell in the first place.  Also, I promise this isn't related to the fact that we found out our hot water heater is cracked and needs replacing and we also had to have our sewer line worked on, but it certainly has motivated me...

The tale of the saddle in such bad shape (superficially speaking) I hid it from my trainer for two years has finally ended.  Knowing Connor didn't like it even though it appeared to fit made me decide to get rid of it.  It was only on Craigslist for 10 hours before it sold to a young woman wanting it for her 4Hers. I hope it goes to good use and some 4Hers learn to ride well in it.  Sitting in the thing feels like wearing a seatbelt, at least they'll feel safe!  It's time for me to move on to more sport-appropriate tack, which is why I'm also selling my Western saddle:

It's no show saddle, but it's the comfiest thing I've ever sat in for trail riding and general use.  I really love it, and I kept it thinking I'd trail ride in it, but every time I trail ride I find myself reaching for my English saddles first, so it's going on Craigslist as well unless anyone here is interested.

I am also listing the following on Craigslist tonight unless you guys are interested:

- Size 6 Mountain Horse paddock boots, top of one of them was chewed on by a delinquent foster Husky, but they are still in fine working condition, I just prefer my new insulated tall boots, free
- Red Jolly Ball, never used, gift from my non-horsey mother-in-law, make offer? (We all know horses don't actually play with these things, right? I don't expect anyone to buy it.)
- 5 1/4" copper-mouthed D ring snaffle, single jointed, $5
- 5 1/2" thin eggbutt snaffle, single jointed $5
- 5 1/2" Partrade (Metalab) Kimberwicke snaffle with curb chain, single jointed $10

Photos available if requested!


  1. Hey Jen! I might be interested in your western saddle for my husband. Email me with what you're selling it for and shipping to 01801.
    Thanks! :)

  2. Ha, my dogs play with the horse size jolly balls and my horses like the dog size. though sometimes Roscoe plays with the big one.

  3. I'm sure the western saddle will go quickly - it looks to be in perfect shape.

    I keep all kinds of extra tack...I even have my own tack room now, which isn't helping! lol

    I did just sell 2 western saddle pads, so that will pay for 3 lessons! And I'd like to sell my endurance saddle, since it is just sitting around.

    I've only seen dogs play with jolly balls...

  4. Marissa, I am going to send you those pictures as soon as possible. I'm on a business trip this week. Laura, I think even I'd start accumulating stuff with an extra tack room!