March 16, 2013

Glass Half Full

A week that included more overtime and an overnight conference in Indianapolis at which I presented about my Tintri SAN to a bunch of Indiana government IT directors has ended, and I finally saw Connor today.  Not only that, but now that we have solved the two simultaneous problems of our email addresses getting blacklisted due to a botnet on a PC somewhere on the network spewing spam email, and some Russians doing a dictionary attack on our public safety software, and two of my domain controller servers contacting Romanian servers for reasons no one was clear on, I think next week might be my first week without overtime in six weeks.

Read: WOO HOO!

Here, have a cute Bitsy photo for surviving that boring paragraph:

Tonight I tried on the horse-sized black bridle that Heidi generously offered to give me (thank you so much, Heidi!), and I do believe it will work nicely after I punch one more hole on the cheekpieces.  He definitely needed a horse-sized browband, this fits much better on him than my Havana bridle.  He's awkwardly between cob-sized and horse-sized as far as bridles go - cob bridles fit tightly/on the last hole in some places (throatlatch, browband) but perfectly in others (noseband, cheek pieces).  I think I'll end up doing a mix-and-match bridle someday.

Heidi also surprised me by including a fantastic Dressage pad, white with black piping, that I don't have any photos of because I rode him with the bareback pad tonight, but it's in perfect condition and a great fit on him!  After getting a $1k+ plumbing bill this morning and knowing we have some upcoming medical bills, I am grateful to have blog friends like Heidi - I think if I so much as received a letter from SmartPak right now my husband would be shaking his head.

Finally, since it was relatively nice out today (read: 40's and not snowing, unlike most of the rest of March...WHY), I pulled his mane.  You want to know what makes mane pulling go a lot quicker?  Having a horse that's missing six inches of mane:

Glass is always half-full, people.

New growth!   I see it!

I know it looks like I didn't do a good job of evening the length, but trust me, when half of it flops over to the other side of his neck like it unavoidably does, and half of it sticks straight out from his neck, it'll look perfect.

I've missed having time to comment on everyone's blogs, though I've been reading on my phone when I get a chance here and there.  Hope you're all still out there and doing well!


  1. Oh bridle fun. I have so been there. We ended up going with horse size and adding holes too. Why is it that Cobs do not fit cob size?
    I am glad to hear you have floppy mane problems too. I cannot get Roscoe and Rosemary's mane to lay well for anything.

  2. Shy is the same. . .in the awkward stage between cob and horse. It's so frustrating and I hate to buy things because I never know if they will fit.
    Cute puppy!

  3. Hooray!! I am so glad the bridle and saddle pad fit! I thought it would be a fun surprise to add something extra to the box :-) Enjoy!

  4. I feel you on bridle size pains. Hue needs a mix march bridle too. Right now I buy too big and then have the buckles adjusted on the cheek pieces bc it's cheaper than many of the brands just bridles sells.