March 17, 2013

Endless Winter

Fun fact: on St. Patrick's Day last year in Indianapolis, the high was 77.  Today's high was 37.  Winter 2013 is officially "The Winter that Will Not Die".

Connor was curious when I cleaned the overflow stalls in the run-in shed in his paddock today, but this is as close as the little chicken got!
37 is still not bad riding weather if you've got an indoor, though, and I had two good ones this weekend.  I noticed that I'm not riding the outside shoulder as well as I used to, which is causing him to lose the connection often, especially around corners, so I slowed things down to the walk for most of today and re-established granular control of his individual body parts.  Once I had it at the walk, then we moved to the trot, etc, and the connection was much better.

Yesterday someone left three poles in a "circle of death minus one" configuration in the indoor, so I did that with him at the trot and canter while on my bareback pad.  I don't know if it was the lack of saddle or what, but I had a terrible time seeing distances and got launched all over the place - my fault.  But the nice thing about working jumps or poles by myself is that I can just keep trying different things until I figure it out, and that is exactly what we did.  Good pony.


  1. With more snow on the way and temps in the teens again I agree that this is the winter that will never end. March is supposed to be shedding and gearing up for show season weather, not adding an extra blanket weather!

  2. So over winter!!! I rode twice last week in the outdoor, just because I could not take the indoor evening it started snowing on me :(

  3. Hate winter! Only in Ky can you wear shorts and a tshirt one day and need a winter coat the next!

  4. It was 70 here last week, but we had the January from hell.

    Circle of death ftw!

  5. Love poles for finding distances, it helps me a lot too. You should come live in Texas if you're tired of winter! We were in the 80's last weekend.