March 5, 2013

Five Questions for You: 2013 Show Season Style

Despite the fact that this week last year we had a massive tornado outbreak, and I was in the process of replacing my air conditioner after having to USE IT IN MARCH on the first 80 degree day of the year, we are currently under a Winter Storm Warning and getting 4-8 inches of snow tonight.  Uhh...?  At any rate, I learned my lesson last time and will be staying home and cleaning tack instead of getting my Tuesday night ride in.

Sad, wet pony would like
it to be summer now, please.
So, since I'm stuck inside, I want to hear from you guys again!  My last "Five Questions for You" was so much fun, probably one of the most fun things I've done on this blog, and it's time to repeat it, 2013 Show Season style:

1. What is going to be/was your first event or clinic of 2013?
2. How many separate disciplines will you be competing in in 2013, and what are they?
3. Are you aiming for a move up in any of them this year?
4. What will be the most difficult challenge or movement for you in your discipline this year?
5. And for the tack sluts (Ha!  Amy!) and tack ho's out there: what is something you absolutely must purchase before this show season or else everything is ruined forever?

Connor and I will go first!

1. First show was the Majestic Farms schooling show in January, but our first event (ever!) will be Heartland in April.  I guess you could also count our non-competitive appearance at the Hoosier Horse Fair the first weekend in April.
2. We will be competing in eventing, Dressage, and WPCSA breed shows.
3. We are aiming first to survive starter together, then move up to BN sometime in the second half.
4. Our most difficult challenge will be figuring it all out together, since I've never really shown over fences at all or evented before.
5. I have never owned a stock tie before, and have no show shirt acceptable for jackets-waived Dressage shows, so those must get addressed ASAP.  I would love suggestions on both, if you have opinions.

Your turn!


  1. 1. Clinic with Comrade hopefully Sat. First show will probably be a Breed show with Roscoe in May, unless I find something to bring Comrade to.
    2. Dressage, Hunter (for show miles), breed and hopefully eventing or at least combined training
    3. I would like to get Rosemary going Intro, Comrade moved up to training level and started jumping at least 2'3".
    4. Show nerves which create tension which makes Comrade buck. Rosemary will be a whole new can of worms.
    5. I have to put together an in hand fancy welsh bridle for Roscoe since he cannot possibly show in a normal bridle and he is too small for the one Lisa gave me. All before May,sigh.
    These are fun, Jen.

  2. Fun!
    1. The first clinic we are going to is in May and it is a "make sure you have your stuff together before show season" clinic. It's fun and the focus is showing draft horses and driving.
    2. I will be competing in the new driving circuit we created. This is the first year, but there are in hand classes, riding classes, and driving classes.
    3. There are no levels in this circuit, but I do hope to get a ribbon this year.
    4. Driving...we are new and a little anxious about it.
    5. I need a show or working harness so I can show draft instead of pleasure class. And I need a saddle to show walk/trot.
    I do these shows for fun and to expose Shy to other places and hang out with cool horse friends. So if I don't get those tack pieces, I am okay with that.

  3. I am so jealous of your cart and driving! Connor knows how, but I'll never have the equipment. Storage alone would kill me. I know you had a western saddle before Shy destroyed it, and I am about to sell my all-time favorite western saddle. Let me know if you're interested, I give good discounts to blog friends!

  4. Whee! First of all, my favorite show shirt is this one from Smartpak:
    It's nice and cool, and does run a bit short on me. Should be perfect for you!

    Okay, now on to the fun!
    1. Guinness and I will be heading to HHP for the Indy Dressage Society's 1st schooling show on May 11. (Prepare your couches for my crashing. I'll be there the night of my birthday. Prepare your wine glasses for the celebrating ... ;)
    2. I'll be competing in mainly dressage, though I might jump off the deep end and do a starter event with the old man in the middle of summer. It would be a nice break from all the hard work he's been doing in the sandbox.
    3. We are continuing our 1st level debut, and I'm hoping to get my scores at a recognized show. I'm also hoping to be schooling a solid 2nd level by the end of fall. Fingers crossed. Hard.
    4. Right now, the counter canter is our biggest challenge/source of argument. Tomorrow? Who knows. It might be picking up the trot. We like to spice things up.
    5. I MUST purchase a back riser pad in pristine white for showing. Since I've decided to make my old saddle last as long as possible. Sigh. Budgets are hard.

    Bring it on!

  5. This is fun! Cool to see what everyone is doing with their ponies. We are in the same boat as you guys as far as events go, we are starting this year!

    1) He has his 2nd level debut just 2 weeks ago and is headed to compete in an All Breed Challenge at the NW horse expo

    2) We will do dressage shows (league and hopefully our first recognized), some derbys, our first recognized 3 day, breed shows, and our expo appearance.

    3)Moving up to 2nd level dressage! And our first BN horse trials

    4) 2nd level is freaking HARD all together!

    5) A figure 8 bridle!!

  6. I'd love to play but my only goal is to save as much money as possible so I can buy my welsh cob! In the mean time I will be trail riding my old buddy Roz.


  7. 1. First clinic is supposed to be with Julie Winkle in showjumping at the end of April.
    2. 3. We will compete in dressage, eventing, and showjumping.
    3. Haha. We are shooting for the moon. I want to move up to novice (eventing), 1st level (dressage), and .95m jumpers (sj).
    4. Affording it on my barn slave salary. Yikes!
    5. Flexi-sweet stirrups. I'm getting them this weekend and I will totally blog it. For Cuna, hock injections. It's what an old man needs.

  8. 1. We have a couple of clinics scheduled on the last two weekends of March. First is dressage, second with an eventer. Show schedule not quite determined - first show likely some dressage schooling shows in April.
    2.We're going to show dressage for now and see how the jumping progresses over summer with our trainer.
    3.This season will just be about getting her out and about- but I would love to think we'll be ready our first event late summer/early fall.
    4.Anxiety. We can both be Nervous Nellies, her - all the time, me- at shows. Also, time - I will be very busy with work again come April and the barn there is an hours drive away :(
    5.New breeches. My 'show' breeches got turned into schooling breeches quite some time ago and really aren't presentable!

  9. 1) First show was in Florida, completing out the Silver. Never doing fourth level again. First clinic was Christoph Hess, but we were actively schooling with Lendon and David Marcus while we were down there. Reba's first show will be later this month or in April. Training level. She will most likely go to Courtney King Dye. Going to be hitting a lot of schooling shows this year just to get miles.

    2) Just Dressage for Sinari, maybe some low meter jumpers for Reba as well as dressage.

    3) Bumping up to I1, schooling I2 and GP. Bumping to 2nd schooling third for the other.

    4) Quickness for the 1's and 2's. The pir's are coming along, the pi/pa tours are slowly getting there. Reba, it's all about fitness and balance.

    5) Boots, I have to have new boots. My old ones are dying a painful death. I'm also whoring on Back on Track Products

  10. Fun questions! I'm a western gal - so a smidge different from the other stuff so far!

    1) First show - late June - a club show. My first show in 24 years. Yep, you read that correctly. I may pee my pants. I met with my new coach last night to discuss our plans...!

    2)typical western stuff - halter, showmanship, walk trot and maybe walk/trot trail if they have it.

    3)nope - first show season in 24 years. I'll be lucky if I don't have a panic attack from nerves. lol. Joking aside, if things go well, I might try a novice day at a breed show late in the summer.

    4)all of it? :-/ My nerves will probably be the biggest obstacle, really. I can do everything I need to at home...but not sure it will translate with people watching.

    5)Ah, tack. My favourite part! I'll need a complete western show set up - saddle, bridle and show halter. Luckily I have a few angles on some used stuff to get started.

  11. 1. It was supposed to be an 'A' H/J show and a clinic with Hawley Bennet Awad, but due to Lameness I had to cancel both. I'm hoping we are ready to go by early April for another 'A' H/J show, but if not then... a June 'B' and that will be it for me this year as I'm going back to school. :/

    2. Just H/J so 1.

    3. I'm moving up rating but not fence height.

    4. Just keeping it all together.

    5. For once I think there is nothing else that I am interested in buying right now!

  12. It is soooo hard to stay home and be responsible instead of heading out in the IN March snow storm to ride!!! Hoping we are seeing the last of the snow / ice.

    1) Was to be CAF in Sheridan, but may opt for a lesson at JC's instead that day. Definitely showing at Heartland in April.

    2) Dressage only for us - Training Level this year :)

    3) Last year showed Intro, with one TL test in November

    4) The one loop trot in TL test 3 - working hard on it at home

    5) A short sleeve white show shirt, also, for waived jacket days. I have a sleeveless Kerrits that I love! Would like to have one with short sleeves.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Connor's eventing debut at HHP! So hope our times do not interfer. Maybe you will appear there in May also with Austen?

  13. I'd be interested in the saddle :)
    Can you email me the specs?

  14. Hi! Just happened upon your blog and looking forward to reading your story!

    1. Our first event was a mini xc clinic in February. It was my horse's first time ever on a xc field and a wonderful experience!

    2. We probably won't be doing much competing this year, but hopefully we'll be ready for my farm's annual hunter pace in October and a small ct in November.

    3. No moving up this year, just getting down the basics!

    4. Being patient and taking things slowly with my green horse.

    5. Not specifically for showing, but I'm ready to upgrade from my trusty Wintec a/p to a big girl jumping saddle. We will see if the funds allow!

  15. 1. Our first show was a Hunter show at a facility in Frankfort. As for clinics I don't know what is on the agenda.

    2. Probably 3. Eventing, Dressage, and a little bit of H/J stuff scattered in

    3. Aiming to do First level tests by the end of the year, be jumping 3' foot comfortably, and hopefully have some successful BN events under our belt

    4. Improving my position and confidence over fences probably...

    5. There is always something... I would really like to get a black coat for Dressage/ Eventing. We will see if I end up getting one or not though.

    Fun post :)

  16. Oh you guys are awesome. I love seeing your show plans! Nice to meet you, Katie, I look forward to following you too!