Connor's New Friend

Due to the arrival of a new horse at the barn, Connor is now getting turned out with T, who was gelded last summer but has still been on private turnout for a while.  He's a sweet Lusitano with a serious heart of gold who loves ponies and loves to play.  Jackpot!  My normal loner pony has been replaced with this social creature:

...which results in this:

I see some shredded blankets in my future, but they're so happy together, I don't mind too much.


  1. Eh... When you see what Hue did to my blanket you might think happiness is kind of expensive when it comes to shredded blankets! Haha - They did look like they were having fun though!

  2. Yeah we have our gelding pasture with 5 in it. Needless many new blankets are bough each year for the boys!!

  3. My friend used to put fly sheets over her horse's blankets as a buffer from playmates. The fly sheet got grabbed instead by teeth but didn't affect the waterproof or breathable qualities and was much cheaper to replace. Might be worth a try. Yay for pony friends!

  4. Wow that looks like how Roscoe and DaVinci play almost exactly. Only DaVinci gets Roscoe nearly on the ground by biting his legs. So far Roscoe has not killed any blankets. Sherman used to be the blanket killer. Some Mom could fix, others not so much. So glad he has a buddy though.

  5. Love that Connor got a new friend!


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