March 27, 2013

Small Scale Retail Therapy

Hoosier Horse Fair is almost here!  AH!  So excited.  I'm taking two days off of work, so I get four straight days of uninterrupted pony time next week, starting with a lesson on Thursday morning before he gets picked up and taken to the State Fairgrounds an hour north of us.  I am SO looking forward to it after another week in which attempts to get to the barn were foiled by overtime.

Like Hillary, I too have recently indulged in some retail therapy thanks to the aforementioned overtime.  It's all stuff that I needed for the Horse Fair, but it was still fun to shop for anyway.  Recent acquisitions include:

Smartpak Breathable Dressage Girth
The smallest size this came in was 22", and I really wanted the Ovation click-lock one, but I procrastinated long enough that I had to buy from Smartpak and they didn't carry it.  Hopefully this one is short enough and is good.  Anyone have any experience with it?

Amigo Travel Boots in Royal Blue
Connor so far has ridden in the six horse head-to-head facing backwards in the stud panel stall so this hasn't been much of a concern yet, but will be in an unknown trailer to get up to the HHF with a little Section A for company, so I caved and finally bought shipping boots.  He needed them anyway with the upcoming show season.  He got Horze ones for Christmas, but they were sadly too small, so hopefully these will fit better.  How on earth do you size a Cob with horse diameter but pony height legs for shipping boots, anyway?

And I bought hairnets, but those are boring.  Despite the fact that no matter what my trainer says, I am perfectly capable of getting all of my hair under my helmet in a perfectly acceptable-for-eventing-but-not-for-hunters-who-have-to-have-hair-over-their-ears sort of way.


  1. I have the same problem with Shy in regards to the shipping boots. I have a horse size pair that fits around the leg, but is too big in the length. The cob ones fit in length, and will do around the leg. So frustrating! Where did you get those? I had a hard time finding cob (which is why I decided to try horse)?
    Yay for 4 days of pure pony time! I can't think of anything better :)

  2. I have that same SmartPak girth and loved it. It is so easy to clean and looked like new after years of use. Jack never had any complaints about the comfort and that says a lot to me coming from a sensitive skinned red head Thoroughbred!

  3. We had problems with our Morgan and our draftx fitting shipping boots. Finally found some. On the trip from IN Rosemary and Manny used the cheap Dover brand ones with no fleece (which I prefer) and they fit great.
    Girth wise we use a Dover type with fleece mostly because DaVinci is allergic to neoprene and they are cost effective. What is that one made of?
    Can't wait to hear about the fair. Is Lisa having a booth this year too?

  4. Interested to see how you like the girth although since I have a leather one a new one isn't likely to be in my future. A few people at the barn have those shipping boots and they seem nice. Very soft though. Not sure if they will last the same way as the dover boots that I have... I even bought mine used on eBay. Just a warning. I think as long as you properly clean them you would be fine but some of the girls kind of abuse theirs. :)

  5. Hillary is such an enabler, I bought far too much this past month with her uh help/encouragement/advice.

  6. This is the one I use with Rory and it comes in a '20 which fits him perfectly:

  7. Sizing must be hard for him with some stuff, I didn't think about that! Also, I find hairnets exciting bc I am a dork :)

  8. When will you be riding at HHF. I plan to be there at some point would love to see you guys!

  9. Allison, I actually bought pony. I know horse won't fit, and they didn't have Cob, and with SmartPak's free returns on sized items policy, I have nothing to lose. I'll let you know how they fit!

    Nicole, it just says "synthetic material." I'll let you know when I get it!

    1. Ok, and we use horse size shipping boots on the Cobs and Barry, who was pony sized. they fit great. fingers crossed yours fit.

  10. Amy, we ride at 2pm each day in the Breed Demo. He'll be stabled there too, come see our booth!

  11. Jen, is it bad that I hate buying pony sized stuff because I do not own a pony, lol! I might have to suck it up though :)