I took Connor on a "quiet hack" down the grass track after chores today, but this crazy wind came up during the ride and he completely lost his mind in a way I've seen once before, when the motorcycle drove by the big field last April.  He actually did not spook in place for once and spooked about 15 feet before wheeling around to face the trees, drawn up to his full height.  My sense of self-preservation was yelling "DANGER! DANGER!" so I bailed rather than try to work through that by myself and in a wide open field, and did some groundwork with him next to the spooky, creaky trees before taking him into the arena for some flatwork designed to find his brain.  Green horses: some days you realize how far you've come, and the next day you remember just how far you have left to go.  Love it one way or another.

I didn't take any photos today, so have a picture of  Nick feeding Tucker a popsicle.


  1. :) I love my old horse. He lost his marbles the other day, but it was the safest marble-losing I have ever ridden through. Glad you're ok.

  2. Your other pup looks so sad!

  3. Gotta love the greenies. Glad you were alright. I often can't bail because I am way too scared of how high up I am and getting caught in a tangle of Houston's legs.

  4. Bailing on your own is definitely better than being bailed!

  5. I'm a big proponent in getting off if you feel unsafe. Cute pups!


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