May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Connor!

Birthday hack
For some reason I thought Connor's birthday was the 5th, but as his breeder pointed out in the comments, it was yesterday, the 3rd!  I feel so bad for mixing that up, though I always remember his month/year, because he was born the month I graduated high school.  I can't make it to the barn on Fridays anyway, so we celebrated today.  My little buddy is finally 7, the age at which Cobs seem to really come into their own, physically and mentally.  I think I'm already seeing it.  At least this year, I did not spend over an hour trying to catch him, causing me to completely miss my lesson, like I did on his birthday last year.

We celebrated his birthday with lots of treats and by going for a long, walking hack out: up and down the grassy track, around the grassy field, around the circle drive at the barn, everywhere.  He loves that, and was a happy pony, and it gave me a chance to focus on my lower back.  Then, I braided his mane back into training braids.  I love him so much, every bit of me wants to spend time with him and make him as happy as possible.

Scenes from this afternoon:

Training braids 

My big 7-year-old!

Riding the circle drive (outdoor to the left, indoor straight ahead, big barn to the right)

Riding past the outdoor arena


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Such a good age.

  2. Love it! Happy Birthday Connor!

  3. Happy birthday Connor! He shares a birthday with my horse, who happens to pretty much look exactly like Connor but an inch and a half taller with a bigger blaze. Sunny turned 5 on friday :)

  4. I think Connor feels the same way about you! Happy 7th Connor!

  5. Happy birthday Connor! He really does look like an adult in those pictures. More balanced and filled out :-)

  6. He is too stinking cute! Happy Birthday to the little cob! :)