May 3, 2013


Midwestern spring.

I'm not ready to attribute all of this to the Micklem, but, quote, "You guys have really turned a corner in the last two weeks!  He's really starting to carry himself, you look great."

Woo hoo!

In last night's lesson in the Dressage arena set up in the grassy field, the Micklem may have started the self-carriage train, but a change in my own position kept it going and improved it.  Genetics blessed (?) me with a round butt and a curvy lower back, and I have the worst pelvic tilt ever, all the time.  Dramatic example from this year's CrossFit Open:

See the Back on Track?

My trainer has always gotten after me about it from time to time, but after last week's "Sit on your horse!" lesson, she wasn't going to let it go for a single step today, and the results were amazing.  Last week, with the Micklem, he was light in the bridle, but this week, when I sat properly on him with my hips underneath me, he was light AND shifting his weight back.  I've never felt him go like that before.  Light, yes, but not rocked back like that.

It wasn't just shifting my pelvis in the saddle, though, it was also engaging my abs, not to failure, but strongly enough that it felt like I was trying to press my belly button to my spine.  I felt tall, and like my legs were wrapped all the way around Connor.  I had an image of WFP on Chilli Morning from the Dressage phase at Rolex in my mind the whole time.  The guy is so tall, he just looks like he's draped quietly around the horse's body.  My 5'0 self is nowhere near WFP's height, but when I pretended I was him in my mind, I got quieter and 'taller'.  I am so excited to focus on this and see where it takes us.  All I want to do is spend time at the barn - the weather and greenery isn't hurting either!

Front lawn of the farm, with a pasture in which an XC lesson
is going on in the background.
Post -ride grazing/cooldown.  A happy pony!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Connor! I'm happy to see that you are maturing into a fine young Cob! You are lucky to own such a good human as Jen!

  2. That all sounds great! I have another Blogger Buddy who bought a Micklem and she's delighted with it, too. I tried Aero bitless yesterday, with the side-pull set-up and he was excellent. I think he will end up being a better bitless horse than Mr Flurry.

  3. Oh no, why did I think his birthday was the 5th?! You are so right, Lisa. Well, his first magical 7th year lesson was spectacular, unlike his first 6th year lesson which didn't happen because we couldn't catch him. ;)

    Martine, that's interesting, I will be curious to see how you like it.

  4. Riding tall is a great way of thinking about it. I need to work on that.