June 10, 2013

A Non-Horsey Weekend with a Surprise Horsey Twist!

The last time I rode Connor was for that awesome lesson on Thursday, which is a bummer, but I haven't ridden for a good reason: my friend, trainer and workout partner Nicole qualified for CrossFit's Central East Regionals for the second year in a row, and asked me to be her "coach".  (She doesn't have a coach, so think groom/event coordinator.)  I spent the weekend being the wingman behind this incredible - and humble - athlete:

I love CrossFit for a lot of the same reasons I love eventing.  Such as:
- There are multiple skills and events, all drawing from different sports, to practice.
- It's a test of heart as well as athletic ability.
- Competitions are objective rather than subjective.
- It's not the strongest or fastest athlete that wins, but the most well-rounded athlete that wins.

My weekend wasn't without horses, though.  On Sunday, dozens of massive horse trailers and semis started pulling in to the Ohio State Fairgrounds, so of course I went to investigate.  Turns out two buildings down from CrossFit folks were moving in for the 53rd Annual Morgan Gold Cup Show, an "A" show.  I had heard of, and seen photos of, A show stuff before, but never seen it in person.  I was so in awe, and explained to Nicole that this is not a part of the horse world I'm familiar with.  It was amazing seeing them actually constructing wooden structures for these tents, and the golden lamps and other decorations on the stalls.  Since I felt bad for traipsing through the stable areas in flip flops and workout gear, I chatted with one woman and explained that I was just a curious eventer.  She invited me to hang around, but I couldn't, duty called.

Nicole ended up taking 6th in our region, the toughest region in the world, and halved her placing from last year.  If that trend continues, this time next year she might be on her way to the CrossFit Games (which you may have seen on ESPN2) in California!  Some more scenes from the weekend:

6,000 spectators, sold out two days in a row!

Nicole took second in this event - also, check out the similarities between perfectly centered balance here and in the saddle.  Position is different, but alignment and balance are not.  Heels down, chest up!

Two-time world champion Rich Froning Jr is in our region.  I was inches from him several times this weekend in the backstage area.  Sort of hard to keep my composure...


  1. What an amazing sport! I find it incredible that you balance riding & Crossfit training - let alone a husband and job! You go girl :)

  2. wow! That's amazing, you are so busy! Awesome that you gut a horse twist to the weekend to!