June 13, 2013

Tredstep Donatellos

Don't hate me.

After making do with my seven-year-old Devon Aires, I got these brand-new-in-box Tredstep Donatellos for $31 on eBay because one of them had a broken zipper.

Turns out the zipper just had some dirt or extra leather or something between two of the teeth at the bottom, causing it to go off track.  Cleaned that out, and it works fine.  I was prepared to spend $50 at the local cobbler to get them fixed, though.

The total cost of my show outfit is now $71, and that's including a trendy coat with the velvet collar and piping, thanks to an eBay deal Connor's breeder scored and passed along to me, and full seat breeches.  Spend money on the training, not the clothes, right?

Rough week, rough night tonight, but progress in jumping.  I'll have to write later - I have to be up at 4:15am for a server reboot for work.


  1. Talk about a STEAL of a deal! You go lady. I only want to kill you a little bit when I think of what I paid for me new in the box boots...

  2. No one would know that outfit cost $71...you look very professional and well turned out!

  3. oh man i never seem to find those good deal!!! Awesome that you got them!!! :)