November 12, 2013

Equestrian Bucket List Blog Hop

Julie's blog hop expires today, I'm coming in just under the wire!

I have already checked some things off of my equestrian bucket list.  Like:

- Visiting the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria

Many of the carriage horses on the streets of Vienna are grey Lipizzaner geldings that were rejected by the SRS.  Who knew?

- Galloping a racehorse/assisting in racing one/other fun racing industry stuff

Got my groom's license in two states, so I was allowed to help tack up and put the jockey up in the paddock - one time I almost threw one over the other side of the horse - oops.  They're so light!

The home barn

Not me, but one of the owners galloping at home.  They had a private track, otherwise I'd never have gotten a chance to gallop, since it requires getting a license and riding in front of the stewards three times.  I was just not good at it!

- Seeing a Rolex World Cup Show Jumping qualifier

Ludger Beerbaum (Verona, Italy, 2008)

- Cantering through the vineyards of the Chianti region in Italy

Italian show jumping stable that also did trail rides.

- Riding to the top of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea (no pictures of this, it was a scary ride ran by a scary backyard Italian redneck sort of operation - I was afraid for my life!)

My current equestrian bucket list includes:

1. Ride in every country I visit (So far, so good.)

2. Get back to Italy for a weeklong castle-to-castle ride with Michaela, who has started her own equestrian vacation business since I last saw her and has offered a vacation at half-price if I will do stalls while I'm there - which strikes me as funny, since I do stalls in the US to pay for my horse hobby too, why not do it abroad on vacation?

Michaela at her previous employer, after the two of us went for a trail ride the week Nick and I eloped (while he took a lesson in the arena!)
3.  Go foxhunting.  I think this is on everyone's list!


  1. Holy COW you have done a lot of awesome things!! Sounds like you'll have no problem tackling the newly added items. :)

    Don't forget to add your link before it closes!

    1. Just remembered - with 25 minutes to spare! Thank you for the blog hop, it was a lot of fun! I've never done one before.

  2. Dang you have done some crazy cool things!!