November 12, 2013

Sunshine Award

I know I'm late on this, but I'm getting back into the swing of things now.  I was nominated by a few of you for the Sunshine Award that's going around - thank you!   Since I think almost every blog that I read has been nominated, I'm going to open it up to anyone who hasn't been nominated - let me know if you haven't!

1. Mares or Geldings? I prefer the emotional levelness of geldings, no question, although I appreciate the fact that mares seem to have a greater ability to think on their feet and second-guess their riders, both of which are good traits in an event horse.

2. English or Western? English.  I used to ride in a Western saddle to pony racehorses every once in a while in high school, but that's it.

3. Younger or Older horses?  While Connor's breeder has given me a new appreciation for raising babies, I still prefer 4+.

4. Have you trained a horse from ground zero?  

Baby Shae at the College for Training & Handling II, 2010

5. Riding or Groundwork?  I prefer the connection of riding, groundwork is a necessary thing.

6. Do you board or keep your horse at home?  I grew up with horses at home, but now I board and I probably always will.  There are so many things you get boarding that are hard to get at home: friends, the eventing team, the ability to take a vacation, an arena/tractor/jumps.  I love everything about where I board, so that helps too.

7. Do you use all natural products or commercial? I use whatever works.

8. All tacked up or bareback?  Until very recently bareback put me into a fetal position!  I am over that, but I'm still much more effective in tack.

9. Equestrian model?  Margie Goldstein-Engle, who is a half inch taller than me but still manages to be incredibly effective on some very large horses, is my equestrian model.  Anything Margie can do, I can do!  ...or something like that...
She's like a postage stamp up there.

10.  What's your main goal while being in the horse world?  To never stop learning.  It ties into a lot of other things, because learning to me means progressing up the levels in the Dressage and eventing worlds, and continuing to take lessons, and keeping a happy horse, but all of those things require constant growth and rejecting complacency.


  1. I love Margie too almost for the same reason and because she used to ride a great Grey horse :)

  2. Great answers... and you've reminded me I have a Sunshine award to complete, too