March 3, 2014

January Goals Wrap-Up, A Little Late

Well hey, it's March and I completely forgot to post my January goals analysis and any February goals.  Oh well!

January Goals: Me
1. Get back to Crossfitting 4 days a week.  Success in January, less successful in February, because (don't laugh) I pulled a back muscle picking up my gym bag as I was leaving the house for my Olympic weightlifting class.  What a way to get injured.

2013 CrossFit Games Open

2. Spend $0 on any non-budgeted items in January.  Resounding success.  I am so out of touch with Smartpak and Dover that I don't even know what I would buy if you gave me a gift card.

3. Work up to wearing the Shoulders Back the entire work day.  Success.  I need to do a review post on this.  My posture really has improved from wearing it, and the SB helped me figure out my left shoulder problem.

4. Break in the Effingham tall boots.  This probably could have been a success, but I eventually decided I didn't want a pair of boots that my husband had to help me get out of.  I'm way too independent for that!

January Goals: Connor
1. Warm up every ride by first establishing forward, then establishing body control.  Great success!  Every stage of my warmup has a clear objective now that builds on the one before, and it's working really well for both of us.

2. Gradually increase the time spent cantering each ride, working up to 10 minutes. Fail.  My trainer had us start working on getting a good canter, with appropriate bend, rather than just cantering to be cantering.  I have such mixed feelings on this: we need to canter for conditioning, but I don't want to encourage certain unsavory canter habits that we need to work out.  I think conditioning canter of any kind has to wait until we're outside.

3. Pull his mane??  HAHA, I was such a naive optimist!  It didn't hit 50 degrees until late February.


  1. congrats on accomplishing so many of your goals! That's awesome!

  2. Bahaha! This was me last year, only I never went back to see if I accomplished mine. Staying up on the monthly goals was tough! What helped me was checking on the goals weekly (when I make out my riding/running/gym/everything else schedule for the week) and right before each ride to make sure I'm on track.

    Since you have a trainer, that's a little different for you!

  3. Yay budgets! I'm working on some non-horsey financial goals and tack spending is zilch right now. It's a good discipline I guess, plus I don't really need a lot of tack to work on walking and trotting.

  4. Oh great success on all fronts I'd say!

  5. That crossfit picture is wicked badass. Meanwhile I'm eating girl scout cookies. Ugh.

  6. Oh man..that sucks about pulling a muscle, and I am glad the Shoulder's Back is helping :)

  7. I'm very interested in hearing about the Shoulder's Back!

  8. I second Amanda... more on Shoulders Back, please? And congrads for completing so many goals! I don't even SET monthly goals, how sad is that?

  9. I am interested in hearing about the Shoulders Back. Please do a post!

    In other news, how small is the eventing world? I was in FL to see friends we knew from WA who now live in WI (and we are in SC) who train with your clinician, CJF. So I met both CJF and your in-barn trainer! She was so nice and we laughed when I said I "knew" you! Start saving your pennies and come to FL next year with her. Then we can actually meet :-)

  10. I wish I could succeed on the "spend no dollars" goal, good job :)