March 4, 2014

March Goals

March goals: Me
1. Strengthen the left side of my back and focus on shoulder straightness.  My pulled right back muscle is a direct result of being so unbalanced.

2. Wear new tall boots around the house until the calf stretches.

3. Talk to my trainer about showing plans.

March goals: Connor
1. Left bend, left bend, left bend.  Focus on relationship of my hips/ my shoulders/where Connor wants to stand underneath me.

2. Smooth leg yields in both directions

3. Get the "single line of paint" level of bend in our spiral ins and outs

March goals: Mother Nature. 1. Get warm!


  1. Mother Nature better step up her game for that goal :)

  2. Oh mother nature, why do you torture us so?

  3. Great attainable goals! Spring has to come soon, it HAS to!

  4. Great goals! Sounds like you have a plan!

  5. I fully support your goal for Mother Nature.

  6. We will also be happily bending left right along with you!

  7. I wonder if your left back situation connects to Conner's left bend situation...

    Didn't get the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed the 'All the wrong horses' post. Very encouraging for anyone with confidence issues, honest and well written. :D

  8. Great goals and I hear you ont the strengthening and straightening.