March 5, 2014

Viva Carlos 7 Deadly Sins Blog Hop

Thanks, L. Williams, for the wintertime activity!

Seven great things/strengths in your riding life
1. My trainer
2. Owning Connor
3. Having such a good relationship with Connor's breeder and some of the owners of his siblings
4. Having an indoor arena
5. Being in shape
6. Being at an active barn that ships us almost everywhere we need to go...almost...
7. Having a job that not only lets me afford the horse, but also a boss that understands how much it matters to me

Seven things you lack or covet for you or your horse
1. Dressage saddle, sigh, the County just sold
2. The funding to show once a month
3. Trailer/truck
4. Anatomic girth (Total Saddle Fit jumping girth that got released yesterday, I AM COMING FOR YOU!  When my husband gets a FT job...)
5. Hind boots for XC
6. Tack that matches
7. The barn being close enough that I could get out there more than 4 times a week

Seven things that make you angry
1. Frozen hydrants
2. Adjusting my Toulouse leathers
3. Cold, and by extension Reynaud's
4. Connor being hard to catch unless I bring his buddy in, then bring him in, then turn the buddy back out.
5. Rings that have more than 2 people riding in them (I KNOW, I'm spoiled)
6. Sweeping the wash rack when it's wet
7. Water bucket cozies

Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on
1. Wiping my tack down after every ride
2. Taking off my muddy boots before I get in the car and changing into shoes
3. Pulling Connor's mane in the winter
4. Throwing my saddle pads in the barn's pile and then using whatever is there
5. Being up to Mary's grooming standards
6. Winter tail care
7. Put boots on Connor for flat sometimes

Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding
(This is an actual list from most to least expensive of the seven most expensive things I own for showing and riding both, apparel and tack.  I think the second priority of this blog should be to prove how far you can get on a serious budget.)

1. Toulouse Annice: $900
2. Charles Owen Wellington Pro as a daily-use and showing helmet: $300
3. Connor's winter blanket: $150
4. Micklem Competition Bridle: $140
5. Winter boots: $99
6. Ariat Heritage tall boots: $51
7. Ariat Performer III paddock boots: $45

Seven guilty pleasures or favorite items
1. Having a horse at all
2. Weekly lessons
3. Fleck Dressage whip (something cheaper would have worked, but not as well)
4. Horse show backpack.  That thing is a life changer.
5. Eventing team
6. Showing.  We all know it's not entirely necessary.
7. Our heated bathroom with a shower, and the microwave that is right outside it.  Winter heaven!

Seven things you love about horses and riding
1. That it puts me in "the zone" where I can focus on nothing but what I'm feeling
2. Feeling real improvement
3. The connection I got with Connor after we started going XC
4. Facing, and conquering, my fears
5. Getting to do things I only ever saw in horse magazines growing up
6. Spending time to make Connor more comfortable or happy
7. The friends I've made through it - in real life and online


  1. Love your list!! And totally envious of the shower at your barn, I always wish I could go right from the barn to public without totally reeking/being sweaty/gross.

    1. Thanks, they didn't have it when I started here. I was so happy when it went in! I actually have been using the hot water in the sink to warm Connor's bit up all winter since it's right above the crossties. He likes it too!

  2. Dang, look at you bargain shopper, a girl after my own heart!~

    1. I heart bargains! Full price is a myth for those who are motivated and saddled with student loan debt.

  3. Have you done a post on your horse show backpack? Me = very curious!

    1. I was just going to write - I'm curious about this backpack!

  4. hahaha my hubby would love it if i took off my muddy boots before getting in the car!