September 16, 2014

DappleBay Nad Noon Fundraiser

Time for some important stuff - I want you to buy a DappleBay eventing shirt this month!

If you know the Indianapolis area eventing scene at all, you know there are three amazing trainers: one on the north side (Laz from CoTH forums), one on the southeast side (my trainer) and one that basically has from the western side of the state to the middle of the state cornered, including Indiana University: Nad Noon.

Here, we are fortunate that no matter where you live in central Indiana, there's a really good trainer and a really good facility to go to, and you don't have to compromise.  All three trainers work, often together, to produce some amazing rides, lessons, clinics and riders in this part of the country.

You may also remember him as the clinician my trainer rode Connor with in March - he giggles, usually more high pitched than in the video below, almost every time Connor takes a fence.  Even at events, I hear him giggling from the rail sometimes.

Now this area's (and beyond's!) eventing community is coming together to support Nad after he had the event announcers read a statement at Flying Cross last weekend announcing that he has a terrible, and possibly terminal, illness.   He's trained so many people in this part of the country that the outpouring of support has been overwhelming, but the medical bills from this type of illness are going to be even more overwhelming, if I had to guess.

He also comes to our barn weekly to teach my trainer and two others in the summer, including one that rides with him during the IU school year, and with my trainer in the summer - this magical canter happened during a Nad lesson.

Since this is an eventing blog, I wanted to let you know that Dapplebay has announced that $5 from every sale of every Eventing - 3 Days 3 Ways shirt, and 99 Problems but a Ditch Ain't One in the month of September will go to the Nad Noon support fund.  Maybe you don't know Nad, but you've always wanted one of these shirts - now would be a great time to buy one!

A ditch IS one of my problems, currently, so I know what shirt I'm going with.

If you're interested in donating more than $5 from the shirt sale and are looking for additional donation information, head over to the Nadeem Noon Support Fund Facebook page.

Thanks for listening.


  1. He sounds like a wonderful and charismatic man, here's hoping he can beat this!

  2. Illnesses like that just SUCK. Nad sounds like such a great person with a big role to play in your community, I will definitely try and scrape up some money for a shirt this month!

  3. Nad is such a nice guy. Very sorry to hear of this condition. It's really inspiring though to see the eventing community band together for him.

  4. awww that is a cause to get behind. I don't event though. I like donating to different causes every month so I will check out the FB page for the other options.

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  6. Nad hated Yankee and basically ignored me during my clinic with him, which was a real let down to me. I didn't ever clinic with him afterwards because of that but it does sadden me to hear this. Those shirts are awesome!!

  7. Nad is pretty well known over here in western Ohio as well. Sad to hear about his illness but it's always awesome to see the horse/eventing community come together to help someone out.