September 15, 2014

Dapples and Roughhousing

Wedding #1 of 6 over the next 8 weeks was last weekend in a land far, far away, so that meant no pony time.

I'm sure he's surviving.

Love those September dapples - even if I hate what they really stand for: summer coat out, winter coat in.  Oh well.  Can we get a closeup please?


(All photos courtesy of my momma, who is coming to watch Jump Start at the end of the month too!)

I almost forgot to share one of my favorite stories of the clinic.  On Sunday, CJF said, "I got to the barn this morning and felt so bad for the Super Pony, because his grey buddy had him by the neck and was just moving him around by the neck, but then he got loose and turned around and kicked him in the ass - I stopped feeling bad for him after that!"

(Don't worry - those two are best friends.  They just roughhouse like the boys they are.)

(But they're not herdbound.  So they're the best kind of best friends!)

Atta boy, Con.  Small package, big attitude.


  1. Ahhhh red ponies... they can stick up for themselves! Dino is already in his fall plushies and it's so depressing!!

  2. that's a LOT of weddings - good luck making it through them all!! love the dapples too :)

  3. I just love his feathers :) Feisty pony!

  4. The best kind of best friends indeed! My horses are malting like crazy at the moment, which I hate - but love what that stands for.

  5. So much fluffy hair! I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you'll be body clipping more than I will. ;-)

  6. Winter coats are definitely coming in. Yes, that is the best kind of best friends!