September 12, 2014

Product Review: Tredstep Ireland Rosa Symphony No. 3 Full Seat Breeches

I wrote last weekend about how I was underdressed for the clinic because Tucker escaped:

His favorite place, the vent.
and I had to slide tackle him in my only pair of tan breeches in order to recapture him.  Husky owners will understand my pain.

So since I wasn't a fan of my old breeches anyway:

Let's just say they did nothing for my figure...

and I was even less of a fan with them with a new hole and some grass stains, and since I only wear breeches for clinics and shows, (aka, a few times a year), I decided to splurge on nice ones that will last forever.

Of course, part of that decision was made when I realized that it's next to impossible to find good breeches used/for cheap, and if I would have to spend $90 on mediocre breeches, then dammit, I'm spending $139 on amazing breeches.  Enter the Tredstep Rosa Symphony No. 3 Full Seat breeches:

The weirdest thing happened - I put them on and immediately wanted to put on a collared shirt, a belt and school in my show boots for my lesson.  So I did.

If you are not familiar with them, these are the breeches that repel everything - the TS Evolution Fabric.  It sounded like something my coffee-spilling self should invest in.

- The "Motion Fit Definition Waistband."  I have a 24" waist and 35" hip, so every waistband gaps on me, and these things only gap the tiniest bit.  Big improvement from my Dressage phase breeches, the white TuffRider full seats, and I am already hankering to replace those with a white pair of the Tredsteps.

But let's be honest, it's going to take a lot more than a gapping waistband to get me to part with my money for show apparel.  These TuffRiders are going to stick around another 20 years, mark my words.

- Sock bottoms.  Totally comfortable - in fact, the first time I've felt okay putting my socks on the outside of my breeches, which is the only way I feel like it looks okay without half chaps or tall boots.  I know that's weird.
- Construction.  If I paid that much for them, they better feel solid, and these deliver.
- The everything-repelling fabric.  Apparently you don't have to wash them as often; at the very least, my Stockholm Syndrome dog jumping on me didn't leave dirt stains at the barn.

Stockholm Syndrome: this dog has it, for me.

- Cute details.  Although I feel weird liking a ribbon detail on the inside of my waistband that only I am going to see (I'd say my husband might see it too, but he thinks breeches are the antithesis of an aphrodisiac.  Can't say I blame him, really.), it's just a fun detail.

Photo courtesy of

- If I leave my fly down, people are going to NOTICE.  See the above picture.
- The usual "pulling at the crotch in the saddle" problem with full seats.  I've yet to have a pair of full-seats not have this problem, though my trainer says that FITS has it figured out with the unattached crotch/butt full seat panels.  Unfortunately, $225 breeches are out of my budget, even for forever breeches, so I'll deal with what I can afford.
- They felt bulky, but then...they're breeches, and I only ever ride in tights.  I don't feel like I'm in a position to judge closeness of feel very accurately.

To be honest, I just got full-seats to fit in with my people.  I don't feel that much stickier in them.  Should I?  Oh well, I AM AN EVENTER!  And my butt (that should be out of the saddle more often) now says it's so.

That nametag sticker has been on my mirror since high school freshman orientation, when I was an 8th grader.  2002-ish.
L. Williams, where you at?  I wore a belt and a polo and breeches to a lesson!


  1. Those are gorgeous! Thank you for the review :) Just in case you are ever in the market again I will say that the Dover brand full seat breaches for around $90 don't have the pulling at the crotch problem.

    1. Good to know! I probably won't be in the market again for a long, long, long time, but who knows, maybe I'll get attached to schooling in adult equestrian clothing.

  2. Those are really cute and look great on you! I've been wondering about them, so thanks for the review :)

  3. I have a pair of the Goode Rider Pro Rider full seat breeches for dressage. Aside from the fact that they are just barely see-through (though not at all noticeable if you have a jacket on) I can definitely say they didn't pull at the crotch for me and they fit like a glove - super light. A lot like tights. The only downside (for some people, not for me) is that they have velcro bottoms. I have no issues with them, but some people hate them. Just food for thought if you're looking for something else to try!

    Also I may have to check these out. I was very sorely disappointed by several pairs of Tredstep gloves, so I was turned off of their clothing lines, but seeing as I am in dire need of some new threads.... Thanks for the review!

    1. Good to know about the Goode Rider. Not being close to a tack store, I just have to read reviews, then buy and pray. I'll have to give those a shot if I see some on clearance. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Yay a polo and belt, I feel naked without them! Sound like great breeches!

    1. I think they'll be pretty good breeches, but you guys probably know more about breeches than I do, honestly.

  5. so glad you like them! i just got a pair of tredsteps myself - the knee patch version (tho i think they're still in the symphony line??) and i'm in love. and oddly, i had the SAME EXACT feeling re: belt and collared polo haha. this from a girl who spent the summer riding in racer back tank tops...

  6. Have you noticed any separation/looseness of the little metal slider at the waist yet? They're notorious for that part ripping off so keep an eye on it! Otherwise I liked the Tredsteps myself too, just not quite enough to buy a pair. They look good!

    1. I have not, but since they're not something I'm going to school in, I would hope that things like that might not occur with mine. Three events and two clinics in a year, they're maybe seeing a couple of hours of use per year, otherwise I'm in tights or winter breeches.

  7. Those fit you SO nicely! I have the same shape as you, and am kind of addicted to purchasing breeches, so this review was really helpful! And you look snazzy in the belt & polo... ;)

  8. Ooh fancy for a lesson. Love how well they look like they fit. My hubby like breeches, but prob because I wear sweats these days at home ;)

  9. Those look great on you! Glad you like them so much and they fit so well. I know what you mean about the F/S "pulling in the crotch" issue - the only F/S I've found that don't do that is Romf breeches. Instead of cutting the f/s material in a "V" shape it's cut more in a "U" shape. Why more breeches companies don't solve this problem, I don't know!

  10. I love finding good breeches!! I don't do tights anymore, so it's a constant hunt to see what fits and then how to afford it.