2014 Year in Review: January-June

January was the coldest and snowiest month I've ever lived through, so it mostly looked like this:

Very little riding was done this month due to not being able to make it to the barn, but we did have our first team practice, and Aimee featured us in Ammy Hour.

More of the same.

BO used a blade to clear the track so the horses could get through it safely, and the resulting mountains of snow on the sides went above Connor's knees.

We spent a lot of time working on straightness and lateral work, and I started coming to grips with my own crookedness for the first time.  Austen came and took a bunch of video during one team practice, and I had a chance to really see Connor jump for the first time.


My trainer came back from Florida and put us back on track in makeup lessons with more riding from my core on the flat, and less active riding over fences.


Big month!  Connor got his teeth done, we conquered freakin' down banks (!), and I got flown out to California for an interview at Facebook, which really was just a good excuse to meet L. Williams.  Wisely, we made our showing debut for the year at a cheap local schooling CT, where Connor was super tense in Dressage. and squirrely over fences.  I met a bunch of bloggers when I went to Rolex for the first time, which is kinda ridiculous since I live just two hours from there.


After getting his Dressage tension straightened out, we went rated Starter at Penny Oaks (Dressage and XC) (Show Jumping).  My trainer said we were ready to move up after that one!  I helped Connor's breeder show baby ponies at a WPCSA show, we continued to work on riding from my core and seat, and my trainer called me one of her most perplexing students.

The jump he jumped from a standstill on our first BN course...OMG.

We tried clicker training, put him in an elevator for jumping with great success, did more work on riding from my core in lessons (I'm seeing a pattern here...), and then...made our Beginner Novice debut at FRVPCHT! (Dressage) (XC) (Show Jumping). In the end of June, the awesome JenJ at Wyvern Oaks sent Connor three amazing custom fly bonnets.


  1. Awesome! Sounds like a great year so far. I loved the baby ponies show :)

    1. They are always fun. :) I never turn down a chance to show baby ponies for her.

  2. love catching up with you and Connor!

    1. It's been an interesting year to catch up with, that's for sure.

  3. yea that is NOT a jump i'd want to take from a standstill!!! great recap tho :)

    1. Oh man, that thing scared me the whole night before, and then went about as badly as it could have and us still make it to the other side. Blegh!

  4. Conquering down banks is huge! Good work :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I feel like that's a bigger accomplishment than winning an event, seriously.


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