December 29, 2014

TOABH: I'm a Loser, Baby

I'm A Loser, Baby
Let's talk about your horse's biggest fail.  What did Thunderhooves do that embarrassed you, scared you, shocked you or just annoyed the hell out of you?

Connor is a pretty well-mannered fellow.  His one goal in life is to find out what you're doing and be your friend.

Making friends with my husband (and his licorice) in April 2014.

Most of the things I can think of for this one involve him annoying the barn staff in some way.  I can't stand it when he inconveniences them at all.  So that list is:
1. Being hard to catch


2. Peeing more than any other horse in the barn
3. Flipping his water bucket over and playing bucket head/flooding his stall/annoying my trainer with the banging/breaking 4 bucket hangers in a week:

4. Making a woman that no longer works there cry, because even with constantly checking on him she couldn't keep water in his paddock since he either drank it immediately or played with the bucket.  That's when I bought him his own personal pony-sized stock tank:

5. Escaping from his paddock
Scale drawing.  The orange paddock is where he was supposed to be, the blue squiggle (which is just a no-man's land that made sense when Connor's field housed a stallion) is where we kept finding him every morning.
But mostly, we've managed all of those little quirks and he's one of the easiest horses in the barn to care for.  He no longer escapes, the stock tank solved the outside water problem, a heavy rubber bucket with a Classic Equine strap solved the inside water problem, pellets made his pee problem easier to deal with, and being hard to catch?  He's on private turnout now.  I'm not sure if that is giving up or not, but everyone's happier this way.

Oh yeah, constant whinnying at shows annoys me too.  But that can only improve by showing more, right?  On to 2015!


  1. That picture of him playing in the water is adorable!

  2. My giant QH pees more than any horse in the barn. More than my TB gelding on Lasix after before a race. Pellets did the trick. and added rubber mats in the stalls.

  3. I love the last picture. Your face is priceless!

  4. The last picture is wonderful! My two are obsessed with water too - the only horses I've ever owned that will drink if you lead them to water, it's like I'm leading them to their grain or something! Not so much to do with thirst though, as they also splash, and play, and try to climb in, and generally act like (adorable) dummies. The novelty of being led to a new and exciting source of water is all a little overwhelming I guess!

  5. he's such a character! and i smile every time you post that last pic bc i can literally hear him screaming just from looking at it haha