December 28, 2014

December's 10 Questions

1. What size horse do you prefer to ride?

Me sized!

I had only ridden horses between 15hh and 18hh (that was ridiculous) before I went to college and rode a pony for the first time.  That first ride was the first time I felt complete 100% confidence on an equine.  Connor's shenanigans at my last lesson would terrify me on a taller horse, but on him, it's just funny.  Ponies make me a badass.  Plus, at 5'0/105, I'm a lot more effective of a rider on things under 15hh.

2. Do you school in tall boots or half chaps and paddock boots?

3. What do you do with your ribbons after shows?
We eventers get so few ribbons that I actually find it manageable to display them.  The four that I have earned hang on 4 picture frames in my dining room.

4. Do you ride/board at a large show barn or a small private barn?
Somewhere in the middle.  I would call us a medium sized relaxed show barn with a handful of boarders and a handful of lesson students.  We work hard, but we also don't have any crazies or bad eggs in the group.  It's a great vibe.
Two of my teammates and I at the KHP

5. Have you seen a horse give birth?
Twice, and they're both great stories that I can't believe I haven't blogged about.  Once on the Thoroughbred farm in high school, and once alone when Connor's breeder had to go out of town to care for her dad.

6. What is your favorite breed?
Welsh Cob, duh.  :-)

A face only a mother everyone could love.

7. Favorite tack brand?
I guess I will have to start saying CWD in the end of January!

Can't wait...

8. Would you ever buy used tack?
I almost only buy used tack, with very few exceptions.

 9. Ever been on a carriage ride?
I don't think so, actually.

10. How often do you go to the tack store?
Once every couple of years when I'm in the Cincinnati area, I go to The Tack Trunk.  Unless you count Rolex, which pretty much counts as a tack store.  Heck, the Tack Trunk comes to Rolex.


  1. I think we definitely need to hear those foaling stories! With pictures please??? :)

  2. Yay The Tack Trunk! Best thing about Cincy, hands down. :)

  3. I have to avoid the Tack Trunk as much as possible or I would get in debt so fast. Sucks living so close to temptation haha!

  4. your barn always sounds like such an awesome place!