Hahaha. Aaaahhahaha.  I love him.

If only I could actually housetrain him...I wonder if my board bill would go down...hmmmm...


  1. Mollie poops in a muck tub every time she's on the crossties. I've seriously considered rigging one in her stall to see if she'd carry it over in there too.

  2. Only you would have a housetrained poneh.

  3. He's almost small enough to live inside with the huskies. Just think how fit he'd get, hacking to the barn for lessons. ;-)

  4. A friend of mine actually has potty trained her horse. Not to pee in a bucket, but just not to pee in the stall (we have runouts in all the stalls) so she saves a lot on bedding!

    And then there's another horse in the barn who quite often poops in his feed bucket, and sometimes less in it. He's quite talented...

  5. I *swear* I read an older dressage manual that had instructions on how to train your horse to pee in a bucket. If anyone else remembers please tell me the name!

  6. LMAO Parker peed in his the other night...it was full to the top and his stall was dry...so gross!


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