Cob Humor: Jump Standards

Our barn was a rallying point for a group of riders headed to Aiken, so for one night, they put Connor in the indoor instead of his stall.

They put horses in there infrequently, when we're full or have a new horse that can't go out with the herd yet. The horses are always fine, but Mr. Curious George himself is not a horse, he is a Welsh Cob.  It's like owning a puppy.  As soon as I saw the note on the board that Connor was in the indoor, I knew I would be walking in to the results of mischief of some kind.  I was not disappointed - he knocked every single jump standard down and in some cases moved them several feet, except the blue and purple ones:

Seriously, if someone asked me to take a photo that describes the personality of the Welsh Cob, this would be it.

Jumps and pony were all uninjured, so it was just funny.

"I really couldn't tell you what happened here.  They just fell over."

My trainer laughed and laughed when I sent her the picture.  I wish I could have seen that happening, I'm sure he had a blast.  All the same, I don't think Connor will ever stay the night in the indoor again!

If he is a champion of nothing else, he is a champion of self-entertaining!


  1. Oh my god, how stinking cute!! Such personality.

  2. That is adorable. He has the best innocent little face too.

  3. Oh my goodness, so much cuteness!

  4. He's like "Take THAT jump standards, I own you". Both of mine would so do exactly the same thing :)

  5. Hahah I love his innocent face! He's like Paddy... "Oh hi! Jump standards? What about them? I just ate hay all night..."

  6. That's just too cute. Love the I innocent act.

  7. So not surprised. Comrade is banned from roaming the aisle because he will take things off the wall and knock over the trash. In his turnout he knocks over the rain barrels and dumps his water bucket. These Cobs see nothing wrong with moving things around:)

  8. lol naughty pony!!! he looks quite pleased with himself :)

  9. Aero used to do exactly that! If I had a course up in the paddock and he was turned out to graze, he would systematically go around and demolish every single jump. And I mean demolish. Poles on the ground, standards knocked over and fillers scattered around!
    Personally I think it's a mark of a very intelligent horse!

  10. That is one way to make sure he doesn't get the short straw next time someone gets turfed out of their stable ;-)
    Such a clever clogs; love animals with pronounced personalities


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