March 31, 2015

CrossFit Open

Thanks, everyone for your comments and stories about pro rides turning out well yesterday.  Not that I am going into pro rides with trepidation, I am excited about it, but it's nice to have the support for that decision anyway.

No Connor news to report today, but I feel like I have enough CrossFitting equestrians following this blog that you won't mind a Nicole update.  (I linked pretty much everything in this post so you can find explanations if you need them.)

A "dramatic" 2013 regionals re-enactment of our usual roles: she's smiling, and I'm looking at my phone which sets off alerts for every warmup, workout, and meeting of hers over four days.

The Open (five weeks of qualifying workouts that over 200,000 people participated in) ended last night, and Nicole ended up tied with Julie for first in the Central East Regional:

I seriously danced around my living room with my dog when I got that text!

And even more astounding, her 15.5 workout (one of the hardest CrossFit workouts I've ever done, Jessica!) moved her up a bunch of places on the worldwide leaderboard, and she ended up 13th in the world (pending some score validations, of course):

Going to the Regional competition in Minneapolis means I'll have to miss out on our local eventing club's rated event and T3D, but I've been with her for every Regionals and Games so far, and I'm not going to break my streak for a horse show!

Here we go again!

Next question: Do I know anyone in Minneapolis?  Anybody?


  1. I live close to there and spend a lot of time in the twin cities. It would be fun to meet you!!

  2. oooh congrats to Nicole - have a great trip and good luck!

  3. Aaah minneapolis! Apparently there are some cool things way up here after all :)

  4. Wooooo what a legend & you're a fab friend!!!! ☺☺☺

  5. Awesome!! That is so exciting, I can't wait to live vicariously through you. Mad props to her for moving up so much after 15.5, that was seriously brutal.