April 1, 2015

Tuesday Night Hack

First nice post-work evening of the year?  My plans to continue to work really hard on Dressage didn't have a prayer.  Although I did make a point to do some work in the indoor afterward.

The scene as I got out of my car.  Spring!

And then a friend I don't see too often asked if I wanted to go on a hack.  Yes!  Mental health day.

Friend A on her horse Louie, and Fabio, I mean, Connor.

Louie is a draft X, and he is as quiet and dependable as they come.  Connor was on a mission to go...somewhere...and was taking two steps for every one of Louie's - which meant they were going the same speed. Perfect!
Look, a picture of me on my horse, guys!

They are so cute together!  She's about my size and he's a big draft guy with a heart of gold.

We had an uneventful walk around the field, except where there was a horse-eating 2ft by 2ft piece of styrofoam or plastic waving in the trees and squeaking against branches.  Connor was about to jump out of his skin!  I made him walk past it, but he was definitely pondering the "flight" response of the "fight or flight" mechanism the entire time.

Sorta kinda not really a square halt.  More square than I ever get in the arena - ha!

After we got back to the barn I went in the indoor and dutifully did some Dressage work, which went really well.  I focused on getting him to engage that left hind, and it seemed to help.  Next up is a lesson on Thursday, then she gets to start riding him.



  1. Looks like it was a beautiful ride!

  2. Hacks with friends are the best!

  3. Yay for friends and riding!!

    OMG he is SO cute in that last pic!

  4. Mental health days are great for us and them. Those pictures are just beautiful!

  5. sounds like a perfect ride!! escaping the arena is essential every now and then :D

  6. You can't beat a nice hack on a spring day with a horse buddy :-)
    Happy days.

  7. No better way to spend a dry evening imo ♡♡♡