June 23, 2015

Still Here.

This is definitely the least I've ever blogged since I started this blog.  That should tell you a lot about what my life is like right now...

Removing wallpaper...

Removing rotten non-original screens...

Clear-cutting the side yard, which we affectionately refer to as The Jungles of Borneo, or just Borneo.

Anyway, this is a horse blog, not a house blog.  If you're interested in the house stuff, my husband and I are co-authoring a blog at www.whiteoakandbrick.com.  I'll keep it to a minimum here.

Where is Connor in all of this?

Still here, still cute.

My rides have been averaging 3 per week instead of 4 since we took possession.  I missed a lesson for the dumbest reason last week:

A windshield wiper came loose and got stuck under the other one in the pouring rain 10 miles into my drive and of course it required a socket set, which by the time that was resolved, I was too late to make it.

And to tie up some loose ends, L. Williams was the only person that completed the TPR challenge, so she wins the $25 RW gift card!  Congratulations!  I'll get that to you this week.


  1. I definitely sucked it up at the challenge. However, you motivated me to get my horses respiration and pulse for three days, and that is more than I've ever done before!

    Yay house rennovations. Yay happy adorable pony.

  2. Totally adding your house blog to my blogroll.

  3. very exciting about the house - good luck with everything! you'll settle into a new routine soon enough. in the meantime Connor is still the most adorable pony ever :)

  4. I can not wait to see the before and after if the house!!!