June 24, 2015


I rode last night, even though my husband was all "I'm over here working on the house and haven't shot my guns in weeks and you're going to ride?"

Guns aren't living, breathing animals.  Not a fair question.


It was a gorgeous evening last night, and Connor and I did Dressage in the field across the road.  I worked on my position, specifically, keeping my right shoulder down and level with the left (something I noticed when staring at my reflection in the glass at a smokehouse the other day - ha!) and really, every time I reminded myself about the shoulder, his whole body softened.  It's amazing how much what we do affects theirs.

Two teammates getting a ride in on a gorgeous evening

I was also incredibly sore from Crossfit the night before (50 pistols, 10 overhead squats @ 65 (for me), 40 pistols, 10 OHS, 30 pistols, 10 OHS, 20 pistols, 10 OHS, 10 pistols) so it made it really easy to drape around him - anything requiring the flexion of my glutes or quads was not going to happen!

Really can't wait for a Dressage lesson again - hopefully Thursday.

Things that are great about Wintecs: hose the horse, hose the saddle.


  1. Totally the same rationale I use with my husband and his guns! XD

  2. huh never thought about soreness as an asset for avoiding tension! makes sense tho