December 28, 2015

Connor's Christmas Gifts

It says a lot that this is the lightest Christmas Connor has ever had, gift-wise.  Normally 50-75% of my Christmas gifts are horse related, and this year, just three gifts were horse related.

That's not a complaint, but rather, it says a lot about where I am as a horse owner.  I have everything I need.  I spend all of my discretionary horse income right now on training rides.  I am seriously jonesing for a PS of Sweden bridle and some Dubarrys, not to mention a Dressage saddle (once again, stupid mice), but those purchases aren't going to happen until my truck, trailer and one credit card with a small balance from the house renovations are paid off.  #spendingfreeze #adulting #stillboughtsomethingfromridingwarehouseduringtheir20%offsale...

So, that said, Connor of course got his Mrs. Pasture's Stocking (Thanks again, Jumppretty!)

And from my parents, we got a Cashel rolling hay bale bag for the trailer:

And a soft sided manger for the trailer.  The trailer doesn't have mangers, since it has walk-through escape doors, and Connor enjoys playing with his hay net more than he enjoys eating out of it, so we get tons of waste with them.  Hoping this works out better for us, at least when I'm the one hauling him - it's hay nets for everybody on the farm's 6 horse.

And I got a couple of pairs of socks to replace some that have seen better days, and a nice warm vest.  It is so much fun to have gotten things for the trailer - I can't wait to really organize the tack room this spring ahead of our first shows.  What are your favorite trailer organizing items so I can start keeping a lookout?

ETA: I can't believe I forgot this one, but JenJ sent me a polo shirt that she sewed a Welsh flag patch onto for XC!  It's going to come in handy for Welsh shows too.  I love it!


  1. Those rolling bale bags are the shitz. LOVE them!

  2. love the polo!!! and that hay manger... might need to look into something similar for my wasteful mare too lol

  3. Duuude - I'm so with you on the PS of Sweden bridles. I've been ogling them A LOT recently.

  4. I ordered myself a hay bag from RW too! Mess be gone! Also adulting... Bring back the kid tack ho. :)