December 29, 2015

Year in Review: January-May 2015

I was still riding bareback, having sold my Tolouse in November and not having my CWD yet, so I jumped bareback for the first time.  I also visited Jen, Lauren, Paddy, and Brego for the first time!

I got my CWD!  And that and the weather is basically all I wrote about in February.  Our Dressage progress.  Jumping was going well.

We had the Blogger Meetup in Austin, which was probably the highlight of my blogging year!  I got to ride Brego a couple times, and even "jousted".  I came home with a Dressage saddle courtesy of Jen and FuzzyPony.  My trainer discovered and started using the theories of JLC in lessons and our barn started living and breathing biomechanics.  I started baby walk half pass for the first time and crashed one of EquiNovice's lessons!  I put Connor in partial training to get over a plateau.

I first saw the house that would take over my life/year.  Trainer rides really started to turn things around for us.  Connor freed himself in the trailer on the way to XC schooling at Twin Towers Park in Ohio.

We did our one and only rated event of the year, Penny Oaks, and finished 7th/28 with a 33.5 that included a rail in stadium.  The rest of a month was a blur as we moved out of our old house and into storage/a friend's spare bedroom while we waited on the very complex financing on the new house.


  1. Great recap! What an exciting year for you and Connor :-)

  2. Love that last photo of you two!

  3. Haha... I'm guessing the rest of the year is something like "the house ate my life". Been there!

  4. Good recap! I want to go to blogger meet up!

  5. that xc outfit is gonna be so awesome with the new matching polo!!

  6. You can also add "looked super fierce" on XC!