December 23, 2015

Secret Santa!

I didn't give my Secret Santa a whole lot to go on this year, besides that my horse has recently discovered Mrs. Pastures Cookies and turned into an insufferable treat whore lately.

Seriously, I don't think a day has gone by in four years that I haven't given him a treat, but it was always the peppermint ones from Rural King.  Now I started giving him Mrs. Pastures, and they may as well be pony cocaine!

Anyway, I was so excited when I saw what my Secret Santa had waiting for us!

A C4 belt in my XC colors with a chrome buckle, a Mrs. Pastures stocking for Connor, and a super cute family Christmas card (may have to steal this idea next year!)

My Secret Santa was...JumpPretty!  Thank you so much!

I partially opened Connor's stocking and gave it to him in his stall - occupying the 'Curious George' Welsh Cob brain and all.  It took him a few tries, he would push it around, get bored when no cookies came out, and come to my pockets for cookies that required less work!  But he had fun I think, and I gave him more cookies than he usually gets, cause, merry Christmas!

As for my half...

It's going to make a great replacement for the ribbon belt I thrifted in high school!

Such a cute pattern!

Shiny shiny.
Thank you so much, JumpPretty, and to Tracy for hosting!  Every year it has been fun both to give and to get!


  1. Such perfect gifts! This is the most fun thing ever, I love seeing what everyone received! Can't wait for my person to get their package!

  2. Aww, what great gifts! Connor clearly loooved his!

  3. aw that video is adorable - love the belt too! great gifts ;)

  4. Love the belt and very cute video.

  5. Connor is so cute. I really like that belt, the color and the pattern are great!

  6. Gotta love those nimble Cob lips and questing brains :) That is a cool belt!

  7. Beautiful belt ♡♡♡
    Hoping to carve out some time over the festive season to catch up on your fab blog *blush* I have been a very bad reader this year :-/

    1. Luckily for you I have never posted as little as I did this year! There isn't as much to catch up on!

  8. Those Mrs Pastures are hard to beat! Glad you like the belt!

  9. Those Mrs Pastures are hard to beat! Glad you like the belt!