December 24, 2015


"You know, I've noticed a difference in the way he carries his tail lately," my trainer said in the middle of a recent Dressage lesson.

"Yeah?" I said, "How so?"

"He carries it higher and centered now, when he used to always carry it to the left ever since I've known him.  It is a lot of weight, his tail."

It's interesting, because as an extension of the spine, the tail should be centered.  I wonder if he was trying to use it to counterbalance his lateral imbalance, muscle-wise.  Hmm...

Mary and C after their jump school, December 2015


  1. Damn I'm jealous of that tail. Askew or not, it's beautiful :)

  2. Never thought to keep track of where the tail is carried - that makes total sense though...

  3. mine always carries hers to the side... some of it i think is her breed... but sometimes it worries me too