April 15, 2016

"Happy" Tax Day

I just paid the federal government the same amount of money as it would take for me to get a new custom CWD Dressage saddle.  I mean, I'm just saying, that saddle would be a WAY better use for that money than whatever the feds do with it.

Time to go have a moment of silence for my finances, pet my Thorowgood, put a shot of Kahlua in my coffee and adjust my withholdings.  Join me!  In the drinking part.  "Happy" Tax Day.


(Also on the subject of Tax Day, if you maybe got a tax refund like a normal person instead of having to pay taxes, go take advantage of Riding Warehouse's 15% off Tax Day sale!  That other large horse supplies manufacturer is also having a 15% off sale, but RW has better clearance and cheaper shipping so that makes that decision easy!)


  1. That saddle makes my heart go pitter-pat! Kahlua sounds awesome right about now, and I JUST spent about $50 at RW TWO DAYS BEFORE THIS SALE. Argh!

    1. Meeeee too. I'm not even a brown Dressage saddle nut or anything, it's just pretty.

  2. My refund is already spent, but I'm going to pour one out for your beloved custom CWD that has to wait yet another day.

  3. Tax day is officially Monday due to random government holidays so I'm still feeling bad for all my public accounting friends (I left public accounting last year).

    If you owe you are doing it right though, just tell yourself that all the people getting refunds let the government earn interest on their money all year. ;)

    Ugh the RW and Smartpak sales are going to claim my money again!

  4. I got my refund months ago and promptly spent it on horse shows.

  5. Drooling....Love the brown dressage saddles!!

  6. Sadly, I paid the feds, too, and then adjusted my withholdings as well :(

  7. I got mine, a small one, and it's gone towards a clinic and some show attire. That CWD is gorgeous but I am a brown dressage saddle fan!!

  8. I don't even want to talk about how much money in taxes we pay. Makes me mad!