October 26, 2016

ICP Ride

Got to the barn to ride last night, and was told by the barn staff that my trainer had ridden him already that day.  We're holding a pretty big ICP clinic at the barn all week - it's where trainers who want to become USEA certified get judged on how well they teach lessons and also on theory.  I guess they needed someone to ride for something, probably a mock lesson, and my trainer rode Connor.

Plane crash dog

I was totally cool with that, even though I didn't know about it in advance.  Darn, a way better rider than me rode him in front of other professionals who know what they're doing?  And I won't get charged for a trainer ride?  Such a bummer. /s

Instead, I picked out his tail while he slept in the crossties:

Those are some sleepy ears.
And he got way more cookies than he should have.  Honestly, still a pretty good night, even if I didn't get to ride myself.


  1. Sweet! I hope you get a good trainer recap!

  2. Free training rides are the BEST!

  3. Free training rides are amazing and such a great opportunity to bond with your pony :)

  4. That's cool! Free is always good :)

  5. Free & trainer rode are two words rarely seen in the same sentence, win-win 👍