October 24, 2016

Photo Dump: Clipping

Every year I try to make it to late October before I clip Connor.  This year, I definitely wasn't going to.  Normal highs for this time of year in October are in the 60's, but it was pushing 90 for a few days last week.  So I clipped on the 15th.  Make hay while the sun shines?

My husband said my clipping outfit looked dumb.  Haha.  I took off the orange and clipped in shorts and a tanktop.  The best way to not get little itchy hairs stuck against your skin is to not have anything against your skin for them to get stuck in in the first place!
By this time of year, Connor has as much of a winter coat as the Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods will have at the height of winter.  #yak

He was temporarily relocated to Barn #3 during the clinic, which is 1/4 mile down the road from the barns you've seen posted here before.  We bathed at the big barn, and clipped at barn 3.
Drying quickly in warm winds.
On alert.
Yackity Yak


  1. So much hair!! I'm debating clipping already, but the weather has been cooler and I haven't ridden a ton.

    But winter hair is just so gross.

  2. Simon was a tad bit fluffy when I rode him on Saturday, and I immediately wanted to clip him. Hate hair! Hair worst! Connor looks great.

  3. I have like.... six horses I need to clip probably last week but I've been delaying on it primarily because I just don't feel ready to spend an entire day clipping horses.

  4. He looks so cute all clipped with his little dapples all over!

  5. I mentally can't want to clip. Annie isn't that hairy yet and I'm not sure how much I'll ride this winter so it's on hold for now. I try to wear rain gear haha.

  6. I cannot wait to clip my hairy mammoths, the only downside to 24/7 turn out till the end of October is that it gets pretty chilly at night now so they fluff up even though they have sheets on the protect them from the worst.
    I'm saying that they'll probably come in this weekend so maybe I'll see if I can get them clipped! K especially, I ride for 25-30mins and have to spend a good hour drying her off before I can put her back out 😨

  7. I beat you to clipping! I remember thinking last year that if you had clipped I'd better damn well get to it! I need the practice badly though, Connor's clip looks beautiful and professional and Murray's is a hot mess on the outlines. Ah well.