Now that this is finally public knowledge, I can share: my trainer is moving her program to my new barn!

All photos in this post by my mom

My move happened first, but she got the idea shortly thereafter.  She's always wanted to be in this area, and my new BO's have always wanted to see their gorgeous basically private facility used to its fullest potential.  It seems to be a match made in heaven.

With that will come changes.  New arena footing, additional stalls being built, my board (sadly) going right back up to where it was.  My wallet really enjoyed my three month reprieve though, ha.

WOO new footing

You may have noticed I haven't written about lessons much this summer.  I haven't had a ton of them, what with all the work she's been doing getting ready to move facilities and houses (not easy, as it turns out).  I genuinely feel like the break has been good for both of us, which is a story for another post.

Happy pony in his cushy digs

So there you go.  Now my pony and my trainer will be eight minutes from my house. Or as my husband says, "You are the luckiest person I know, you know that?"


  1. Oh my goodness - this is fantastic!

  2. You should share some of this luck! It makes me happy to read all of these happy positive posts :)

  3. That's so amazing! And even though board is going back up, at least you are still saving gas and wear and tear on your car 😋😎 fantastic!

  4. that's awesome! is this your event trainer or dressage trainer?

    1. Eventing. I would sell a kidney to have my Dressage trainer closer, but she's very settled where she is.

  5. So excited for you!! That will be so nice to have her there even if it is a bit pricier :)

  6. That's wonderful! So lucky!

  7. Awesome!! I'm so happy for you, sounds like the best of all possible worlds. =-)

  8. moving farms is NO small task! Congrats, it looks like a great place for you both.

  9. Awesome news. And you still save on fuel and time driving - so that's good!

  10. That is so great! At least you are still saving money in gas :) if not in board.

  11. Oh my goodness that is so fantastic!!!


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