August 3, 2017

Video: Actually Sitting on the Damn Horse

On Tuesday night, I was again playing with the new concepts I figured out last week, and I could tell I was sitting really well toward the end, so I asked my barnmate to take a short video so I could give my Dressage trainer some hope share it with my Dressage trainer.

To be sure, there's still so much that needs work, but it's such a huge improvement over where we were this time last year, I'm proud of it.  And I am definitely far less of "the problem" when I'm using my core and actually sitting on the horse.

For those who are not video inclined, the blurriest of blurry screenshots!

Now to implement the same position at the canter...


  1. You guys look fantastic fantastic! All your hard work is definitely paying off.

  2. Awwwww you screenshotted for the video haters <3

    Tho I did actually watch the video on instagram i think. ;-)

  3. Looks great! I wish I had that solid and upright of a position, well done!