Baby Cobs! Class of 2017

Connor's getting a bit of a break right now as both my trainer and I are out of town for two weeks.  But in the meantime, I have the best content: baby ponies!

It takes two people to get baby pony photographs (or three would be better).  One person shakes a plastic bag at them and takes stills, and one person videos.  Two weekends ago, Connor and I took a field trip over there to help with that and hopefully to trail ride, although we ended up running out of  time for that.

Enjoy some baby pictures, and head over to his breeder's Facebook page to see the whole albums!

Castleberrys Electra (Castleberrys Ffafr ap Culhwch x *Rhosyr Ebony by Gwenllan Brenin Mon)

Castleberrys Dirty Harry (Castleberrys Ffafr ap Culhwch x Castleberrys Dyma Hi by *Tuscani Dundee)
This little guy is out of Connor's full sister, and he definitely inherited his Uncle Connor's personality.  It's almost uncanny how alike they are!  Especially since his sister is nothing like Connor in terms of personality.
Castleberrys Ffirst Class (Castleberrys Ffafr ap Culhwch x *Nebo Ffion by Nebo Daniel) who is such a sweetheart...
...she kept coming up to say hi even though Lisa was shaking the bag at her and I was shooing her off!  Pocket pony!

And Castleberrys Rolex (Castleberrys Ffafr ap Culhwch x North Star Rebecca by Jireh Justice), who has been sold already to a Dressage home.
There's nothing better than a weekend playing with babies!


  1. Baby horses are the best. But baby cobs might be even better! 😍

    1. I am so used to seeing baby Cobs, when I see a baby horse it looks HUGE to me!

  2. I've been admiring Electra for a while now -they're all so gorgeous! I love the Castleberry Facebook page and seeing your blog updates too 😀

    1. She's been getting a LOT of attention, and you haven't even seen her good brain yet. She takes situations that would send most babies into a panic with total calm and clear thinking. It's amazing.

  3. I don't know how you do it! If I went to Lisa's to take baby horse pics for a weekend, I'd be leaving with one of them. No self-control over here!

    1. Lol, I am SO not interested in having two at once, not in a million years.


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