October 31, 2017

The Boys

While at Connor's breeder's, we also went out to see the boys, all stallions.

Boys being boys, lol.  All photos taken by Connor's breeder.
Three year old Castleberrys Ffafr on the left (Gwynfaes Culhwch x Castleberrys Fflying Duchess by Castleberrys Last Emperor), yearling Castleberrys Reno in the middle (Castleberrys ReFflection x Castleberrys Rosalee by *Tuscani Dundee), and two year old Connor nephew Castleberrys Echo on the right (Castleberrys Cadence x *Rhosyr Ebony by Gwenllan Brenin Mon).

He actually got his elbow stuck over Echo's withers and stayed there until he figured it out, haha.

These boys are so lucky.  They get to live together and grow up playing together because they're miles from the nearest mare at Connor's breeder's second property.  It's like a baby stallion paradise out there.

They play rough, but not too rough. 

Some of you may remember Echo as the baby that has the Dr. Seuss character on his face.  Missed opportunity to name him Castleberrys Sneetch, haha.

Zoom in and look at his face, it cracks me up every time I see it.

Everyone's got their favorites, but mine is still Ffafr (pronounced Favor).  This horse (he's going to be over 15hh) has incredible movement as well as a ton of presence and intelligence.  When the other boys were running around like maniacs, he almost looked like he was above those sort of shenanigans, although he did a big lofty canter after the other two, in no hurry.  He just has that X factor.  I want so badly to see this horse end up in the Dressage ring, he'd be amazing.

I cannot wait to see what he looks like when he's done growing up and out.

We shook the bag at them too and took photos, although none of them are for sale.  Seeing that kind of quality all together running around was just breathtaking. 

Echo, who is by Connor's full brother Castleberrys Cadence
Echo and Ffafr

Reno and Echo got brave and walked up to me to investigate the plastic bag I'd been waving at them.  This is such a Cob thing to do, and yet, it still impressed me that their default reaction was to walk up to the thing that had been chasing them.  They certainly didn't have to in a 5 acre pasture.

Wild stallions, not.

I just love spending time with these guys!


  1. They are unbelievably lovely. Should have worn a princess dress.

    1. I read this comment when you posted it and was like "DAMMIT WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!" You are so right :(

  2. Replies
    1. They are so amazing. I wonder what they'd be like if they had someone to campaign them like Cardi did.

  3. those are some good lookin' ponies!!!!

  4. I'm a bit of a sucker for Echo in this series. Idk... he's just so dream-pony in these! Makes sense though - I'm a big fan of Cadence.

    1. Cadence is stunning. Echo is awesome too. He's totally built for driving.

  5. They look like Breyer models with their manes flowing as they prance around!