December 28, 2017

Year in Review: January-June 2017

The Pixio started to change the way I blogged, and I noticed Connor was standing square in the crossties regularly for the first time. It was a slow blogging month with a lot of work travel.

We jumped in the outdoor because it was 67 degrees in February (!), figured out we needed more bend like all the time, I picked up a second car basically just to drive to the barn and back, and wrote about changing the way I save for horse shows.

Oh and we won this Dover contest.
I hit the end of my rope with Connor being 50 minutes away, and decided to leave my barn, which set off a bunch of chain reactions.  It made me start to take more responsibility for myself as I planned for life away from my trainer, made me decide to sell my beloved KieferBuilt (and get it fixed up), and I also started the remote saddle fitting process to replace the Devoucoux I co-owned at the time with a fellow boarder.

Blue dot: my house.  Red pin: where Connor is now.  Yellow star at the very top of the photo: where Connor lived for five years.
I started to think through the feed change Connor would go through when he moved, I found my Dressage saddle unicorn, and got a 67% on 1-2 at Heartland.  I also day tripped to Rolex and hung out with a ton of bloggers!

My job took me to Churchill Downs, I got my trailer back, bought some Gary Mundy stirrup leathers, replaced the floor of my trailer dressing room with vinyl wood-look flooring, and rode the best 1-3 of our lives at a schooling show.  I moved Connor to the new barn and instantly loved it. I struggled immediately with him being hard to catch at the new barn, and had a seriously life changing ride on Kristen's Phoenix on the way home from a work trip. 

Changed my whole year
I flew to California for work and had the most amazing trail ride and winery visit with a bunch of California bloggers!  I came back from California with a horrible case of food poisoning and decided to attend the rated Dressage show that weekend anyway because I am not a smart person.  Connor got FAT being on pasture for the first time in five years, and got muzzled.  I hauled out for a lesson with NK for the first time in a year, conquered my fear of trailering over hills, and finally committed to the baucher.  My riding started to change dramatically thanks to the lessons Mr. P taught me the month before, and due to spending more time riding on my own.

So fat.
To be continued...


  1. Big first half of your year with a lot of changes! Sounds like everything worked out for you though.

    1. Definitely, could not be happier with any of the decisions I made this year.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha yeah, definitely. Doesn't get much more eventful than moving barns for the first time...ever.

  3. This was a big year for you guys. Love the review!

  4. I'm so jealous of your robot cameraman.

    1. It continues to be amazing, I cannot lie. <3 that thing.

  5. I love the robot camera haha. It's been such a good year for you guys -so many changes!