April 13, 2018

Throwback Friday - One of My First Lessons and a Blogger Connection

I got a late start with the whole riding thing, so it wasn't until late high school that I had a lesson here or there.  The woman in these photos, Cindy, gave me my first real lessons and my first Dressage lessons.  

(Fun fact - a few years after these photos were taken, Leah would buy her broodmares from Cindy!  Mares I actually knew, handled and groomed in high school.  Small world!)

The horse in these photos, Mr. T, was a saintly Appaloosa who had done everything under the sun, including being used as a search and rescue horse.  They were both great teachers for me and I find myself still thinking of things Cindy taught me to this day.

Thanks to my mom for taking and digging up these (scrapbooked) photos!

I was terrified of cantering for a long time, can you tell?

Good to know I've always been crooked, I guess?


  1. I still can't get over what a small world it is! Mr T was such a doll and these photos from your early riding career are precious 🙂

  2. He's really cute! Love the photos :)

  3. These are precious. I was scared of cantering for a long time, too!