April 12, 2018

Up Next!

Up next for Connor is doing 2-1 at the local "Dressage and eventers knock the rust off" schooling show at the HHP this Saturday.  And for the first time in years, my barn is going with me. 

Ahhh, the good old days on the 6 horse head to head.  May of 2013.  Doing some throwback Thursday pictures today.
At the old barn, we used to have a big group that competed and trained together, and over the years it fizzled out for various reasons - injured horses, life changes, people moving away.  Then I changed sports and moved to the new barn and was really flying solo for the first time, until my trainer moved in at the end of last season.
Mandatory XC schooling the week before an event with the team - standing rule of my trainer's for safety reasons.  You don't school XC the week before with her, you don't get to run XC.  This was...2014?

But this weekend I'll be stabled with seven barnmates and getting a trainer warmup for the first time in...years.  It'll be different, and it definitely won't happen that often since they're all eventers and don't normally go to Dressage shows, so I'm going to enjoy it.

Because we don't do this anymore.  Sometimes I miss it, but I don't think Connor does.  May of 2015, Penny Oaks.

The plan is to do 2-1, go back to the barn, strip his tack, let him relax, and then go back to the warmup ring to do 2-2 for practice.  We haven't done two tests in years and this is the perfect opportunity to help him remember we don't always just do a single test per day.  Plus, I need to practice 2-2 in a standard sized ring.

Connor all the time at horse shows.  "Wait...you want me to do what?"